30 Apr 2013

A Fond Farewell

"Goodbye" to April - soon "Hello" to May!
We've come to the end of a poem a day -
that NaPo - type madness which kept us at work
with imperative dictates we didn't dare shirk.

Some followed prompts found in Blogland at large;
some allowed random ideas to take charge.
But whatever the source, the outcome was plain,
a poem's a poem, some kind of word game.

A writer will play it with ardour and zest
till he finds that one word which surely is best
to convey his intention, pass on his thoughts
to the reader whose kind approbation is sought.

Though that's not the whole reason we pick up a pen,
or dash to a keyboard to pound it again;
when our inspiration comes from the muse
who prods us to action, we've no time to lose.

We have to obey such a summons, 'tis true -
what else could a dyed-in-the-wool poet do?


  1. Jinksy, this was cute and very savvy. This is a sonnet, no? (I'm not so quick with the forms, hee hee) This is a pretty darn good assessment of the work of the poet, especially in April. For the record, I'm glad I decided to dedicate my work for NaPoWriMo on the Toads site. The prompts are varied and great...

    ..."What else would a dyed-in-the-wool poet do?" Perfect iambic pentameter, hey, I'm throwing the fancy words around now. A great write, and thanks, AMy

  2. I intend to breathe a huge sigh of relief! Get myself outdoors, spend less time at my computer, satisfied I met the '30 Poems' challenge!


  3. what else indeed? A very sweet way to end this month of April. (I almost made it.... :)

  4. Lol. Nice to read your thoughts on the NaPo round-up, Jinksy. Nicely penned too!

  5. All it needs now is for someone to suggest a sonnet a day or a limerick a day for a month . . . or any other form of poetry.

  6. Nope, not a sonnet, and not iambic pentameter either. I can't decide whether it's anapestic or trochaic, but it's definitely something.

    Good poem, Jinksy!

    1. You're right, RWP - only four stressed syllables per line, so not a pentameter in sight, but there are several different types of feet, which help it march along! LOL

  7. Well you certainly haven't lost your touch whilst I've been away! So good to roam around and find old blogging chums. Hello Jinksy! X

  8. If I was a teacher I would read one of your poems each day to my class. They are universal!

  9. Sorry Jinksy, I'm not there, so to speak, am here..should you wish to drop by sometime. I'm all out of touch with the bloggy world but am happily going round collecting up all my old faves for my new blog. Reasons x (Reasonscheerful123.wordpress.com)

  10. a fine summing up of the whole NaPo enterprise. I think you might mean "dictats" (no E) on the last line of the first verse.

    1. According to my research (!) dictates is fine as a noun, Doc? I haven't looked up dictats yet...