31 Oct 2010

Microfiction Monday # 55

Old head on young shoulders,
pumpkin moon in the sky,
black cat and besom show
Halloween's nigh!

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Monday's Child # 19

Rabbiting On

At Roger Rabbit's party,
we were waiting to begin.
We sat down at the table,
napkins tucked under the chin.

But - he made us listen,
as he read from rustling pages,
to rather boring speeches
that waffled on for ages.

He talked so long the tea got cold
the sandwiches grew limp
and Mrs Bunny fell asleep
over the potted shrimp.

We tried hard to be patient
while Roger Rabbit read,
though we started to get worried
it would soon be time for bed!

Thanks to Monday's Child for this weeks prompt.

29 Oct 2010

Flash 55 for 29th October

Halloween's coming!
The witches draw nigh
on hovering besoms
high in the sky-
see,  cloak and hat?
How their silhouettes fly!
A familiar black cat
is often nearby,
perched on the handle,
ears all a-twitch,
long tail a-dandle,
mewling spells to the moon.
It's best you steer clear
of fast flying brooms
once Halloween's here!    

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But because I was concentrating on 55 words, this effort didn't please me! The re-worked, tidier version can be found HERE

28 Oct 2010

Magpie Tales # 38

A Tanka

In Memoriam.
Chiselled stone bears the two dates
which span a whole life;
stories between birth and death
an unwritten legacy.

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26 Oct 2010

Monday's Child # 18

When Lucy had a birthday,
her cards came in the post.
But can you guess
which one of these
young Lucy like the most?
Why, the one which held some money
that she could go and spend
on lollipops and ice-cream
for all her favourite friends!

Thanks to Monday's Child and the choice  of Cameron L Browne's illustration for this week's prompt.

25 Oct 2010

Microfiction Monday # 54

The boys were hoping to acquire a tan to cover their naked torsos while scoffing beer and sandwiches. Fat chance!

 To join the picnic today, visit Susan at Stony River and write your story in 140 characters or less.

24 Oct 2010

Poetry Bus for 25th October

Chance Encounter

I had not thought to meet another
who sought a place of solitude that day,
but fate had other plans. Although we met
as strangers, yet, with conversation,
began a seedling friendship. We recognised
an understanding- not one rooted in words -
where she and I were in agreement
on many levels. Had the Universe planned
this happenstance? Did our auras call
to one another across time and space?
Did they mark this place as a possible
intersection of our pathways?
Was this a sign, a crossroad made to force
a change of direction in our lives? Who knows?
But friendship, offered and accepted,
is a double sided currency
which pays unimagined dividends.

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20 Oct 2010

Magpie Tales # 37

Duvet still retains
our lingering body heat
on this cold morning.

Mirror reflects your absence
while memory treasures warmth.

For more wake up calls, go and see Willow who has set the alarm...

And because I've got out of sequence, I'm going to add a Monday's Child poem here too. At least the bed theme is carried on! 

Three little kittens tucked up in bed;
"Tell us a story" the smallest one said.
"Sing us a lullaby" the second one pleaded
but the third interrupted "I know what is needed
just a kiss and a cuddle to wish us good night -
That would be best !" And you know - he was right!               

19 Oct 2010

Poetry Bus for 18th October

NanU has asked us to climb aboard the bus with a ticket written far from our usual poet's corner. As my travelling has been restricted during the past week, thanks to an Autumnal affliction of the germy variety, my choice of venue has been limited, so this is a necessarily short offering which will probably only allow me to travel to the next stop, rather than the end of the line. Ting, ting! Any more fares, please?

I wrote a poem in my head
while lying in my comfy bed -
but it got lost inside my dreams
as I fell asleep, it seems!

Maybe by next week I shall be awake and firing on all cylinders.

14 Oct 2010

Magpie Tales # 36

Knock, knock!

A door knocker is the first step-
ping stone which rep-
presents friendship on offer.
When we choose to proffer
a welcome smile to one
who has come,
for whatever reason
and in whichever season,
to our home, it can lead
to discovery of a friend in need.
Then we each to each may turn,
should others spurn
compassion, until we see
how a first step can be
what makes two lives flourish,
as both nourish
one another in ways
unimagined during dull days
of loneliness. A door open wide
lets us step outside
our normal sphere
as we say "You're welcome here."

Thanks to Willow at Magpie Tales who opens her door every week to a host of Bloglanders! Follow the link to knock on a few doors yourself.

8 Oct 2010

Poetry Bus for October 11th

"Men perspire, women glow"
we've all heard this before, I know.
But now some Japanese
researchers, if you please,
are measuring the drips of sweat
that perspiring humans get
rid of during exercise.
It will come as no surprise
that men, who sweat the most,
are then able to boast
they are more efficient,
though possibly unpleasant,
due to nasty niffs,
should nearby noses sniff
too hard. Sweating helps bodies perform
well when exercising. That's the norm,
but women cool at a slower rate,
which saves them from dehydrat-
ing  (a strategy for survival
in hot climes) while their rival
men are better at working
hard and not shirking
when temperatures rise.
Now, would I tell you lies?     (thanks for this suggested edit, Doc!)

For source material, look here:- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-11492897

The Bus this week is being driven by Nimh B, who asks us to take a news item for our inspiration.

4 Oct 2010

Microfiction Monday # 51

Although in favour of carbon-free transport, Pegasus decided he'd have to charge a higher tariff, if the number of passengers kept growing.

Thanks to a prompt by Susan at Stony River.

Poetry Bus for 4th October

As TFE's Bus had a little difficulty leaving its garage this week, and produced more than one destination board (not to mention driver) I have chalked up two itineraries- one, thanks to Weaver, who suggested 'Anything' as a subject, the second, thanks to NanU, who chose 'Happiness'. You pays yer money and you takes yer choice of ticket!


To write about anything?
This could be fun -
but nothing is anything...
what a conundrum!
The hole in a doughnut,
the air that we breathe -
both of these subjects
are fair game, you see,
with an 'anything' label.

But, if anything goes,
then all I shall do
is follow my nose,
(or maybe my fingers)
as they dance over keys.
I'll type out some words
in the hope they may please
the other bus passengers
out for a ride on a mystery tour,
as they sit side by side.

I'm sure they'll not moan
at my 'anything' poem -
they'll all be far too busy
wishing they'd stayed at home!

Catch As Catch Can

Happiness is fleeting; grasp it while you may
but let go of it lightly - it will come another day.

Should you try to keep it, the faster it may flee.
Greet it gladly, say "Hello!"then simply let it be.

Each moment holds potential to yield a greater joy
than any you'd envisioned - one which no one can destroy.

1 Oct 2010

Magpie Tales # 34

You get on my wick...

My amber oil is ready, laced with perfume, rich and heady,
but I'm a spectre at the feast -no use to man nor beast-
for I'm a lamp without a wick, and I need a new one. Quick!
One small strip of plaited cotton! How is it that you have forgotten
that without it, I am dim, cannot give the slightest glim
of gentle, mellow, warming light to illumine your winter's night?
Take pity on my wickless state and rectify this one mistake,
I beg you, help my light to shine, then the pleasure will be mine
to bathe you all from top to toe in my amber scented glow!

To get all lit up, pay a visit HERE , thanks to Willow.

And while on that subject, I'd like to say how sorry I was at missing Willow's Ball, and offer this as an apology! 

Well, I missed the ball! Quelle domage!
But in view of my Thursday's occupation,
I might have appeared in my birthday suit
which would have horrified the nation
no end. Therefore, it's just as well
that my invitation fell behind
the bureau, and lay forgotten,
by all except the spider
who spun his web wider
to catch any stray fly
buzzing by.
No doubt many a Prince Charming
spun a different web at the ball
in exactly the way the spider did,
hoping to restock his larder.

Big Tent Poetry -Come One Come All 1st October

Try Something New

It's years since I went to a Life Class
so when one was offered nearby,
I decided I'd like to attend it -
give old drawing skills a new try.

The model was young and a dancer,
Oh, how I wanted to draw!
But then a spanner was thrown in the works-
it was something I'd not seen before.

She had to be captured in motion!
No keeping still in one place,
our eyes had to become accustomed
to drawing as though in a race

to freeze frame the shape of a sequence
of steps she repeated in space,
as we focused, and made sure our pencils
were all of them moving in haste.

There was scant chance of getting a likeness;
most of the class were content
to produce a sketch which was merely a plan
of a body, unlike my intent.

But, right at the end of the session,
there was one whole five minute pose.
and I actually managed to draw me a foot -
complete with its five dancer's toes!

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