26 Feb 2012

Where Lies Inspiration?

Start with an image. Choose a portion to zoom and crop, then stop. Contemplate and rotate.

Was this a mistake, or does the image now seem fake? Shelves become partitions in this position. Lines of rolling tins become rolling stock on a conveyor belt of rail or road designed to withstand a heavy load...
It leads the mind in a new direction until it arrives at an interconnection of ideas.
After years of visual surprises, eyes have learned unusual ways of interpreting every day sights. Never mind what the subject might have been at the outset. Once imagination is let loose,  there's no use curbing thought. It does what it aught, and gives us the gift of a poem...
 And this is my gift of a shadorma, for the Mag this week. With thanks to Tess - and Andy Warhol!

Change colour,
create graphic bulge.
A blurred, traffic filled highway
its flowing
river-rush of vehicles
morphed from those red tins.

24 Feb 2012