15 Apr 2013

# 15

It's Monday;
not the most fun day
of the week
for workers.
But those past retirement age
have no such worries.

As long as
creaking bones will let
them arise,
(no surprise)
they are perfectly happy
just to be alive!

They have learnt
to live day by day.
In this way
life can be
an ongoing adventure,
whatever happens.

Hehehe! A NaPoRiMo Monday special, using the shadorma form, and linked to IGWRT's


  1. Ongoing adventure indeed! thanks.

  2. You captured me here, another surprisingly content retiree.

  3. Sigh... I agree with the Monday part :) not the most fun day for me. ever.

  4. I so agree...Happy Monday Jinksy!!

  5. Yes, if I can make it out of bed, it's a good day. Thanks for the reminder, very well put!

  6. I'm not a typically retired person (very early retirement due to disability)... and I totally understand the joy of waking no matter how shaky or achy these bones and neurons be:-)

  7. So, the phrase "Thank God it's Friday" doesn't apply either? Ha ha. Loves this spot of morning fun

  8. An interesting twist on the (prospect of) old age. never quite thought of it like that. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to and realise that it may not be so bad after all...smiles.

  9. This sounds like my Monday mornings.You have expressed our ongoing adventure very well :-)

  10. surely you prompt all of your readers to yearn for retirement!

  11. I'm nearing that official age of retirement, but because of bipolar/PTSD, cannot work outside the home anyway, so I might as well be retired, spending hours on blogging! I told Lex it's rehearsal for what I'll be like once he's retired.

    Loved this fanciful look at life after "work work work." Peace, and thx for stopping by my blog lately! Guess it's a Toads thing, huh? Amy