Saturday, April 13

# 13

This time, I've decided to write in a form which I believe is described as a 'crown cinquaine' -  in other words, a linked series of cinquaines which, if looked at sideways (!) would create the points on a crown...

How Inspiration Works

Words come;
drift into view
on the screen in my mind.
Then pictures overlay their shapes,
and shine
as pen
turns characters
into graphic designs
of poetic typography
to share.
When ink
covers paper,
my ideas come to life,
colouring scenes inside my head
until -
aloud adds new
dimensions to the piece,
as musical rhythm combines
with sound.

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  1. my ideas come to life - they certainly did with this. i enjoyed this,

  2. Creativity brings some of the greatest pleasures. You had fun with this, it shows and your reader feels it. Thank you,


  3. Jinksy-- What fun, I love how you put the rhyme and process together--excellent! :-) I am horrid with forms, and you did a beautiful job, impressive.

  4. This form looks like fun to play with! Well done.

  5. Well done! poetic typography...lovely.

  6. Interesting! I'm going to have to think about this for a while.