29 Oct 2012

Brolly Folly?

Who cares if it rains?
The warmth of a goodnight kiss
can feel like sunshine!

A Mag 141 prompt which might have been made for us Brits. Thanks, Tess for the inspiration.

21 Oct 2012

Keep It Short

140 characters are all Grandma's Goulash asks for to encapsulate the picture she has chosen today, a good test of the grey cells. Of course, if you are feeling verbose, she will allow you to use 140 words instead.

Something fishy is going on around here! Guy's aren't conforming to the school uniform. They'll end up in hot water, if they aren't careful.

14 Oct 2012


He had done the painting of their new home soon after they married. It was to be her birthday gift; a gift that would acquire more importance as their time together stretched into the future, strengthening bonds.
She adored it, hung it in pride of place over the mantel. A day never passed without her smiling as she glanced towards the familiar image and remembered...

Now, she remembers when he was alive, and as shadows dim sunlight, so her face loses all brightness as the first tear falls.

For Mag 139, thanks to Tess and Curtis Wilson Cost who painted the original image.

12 Oct 2012

I jest, I jest!

I start to think of  fifty five
and  know I’m glad to be alive
this Friday evening, for it’s time
to pen G-Man a little rhyme.

He writes ‘em quirky, fun or rude –
so  I guess he must be some cool dude
who never lets his knickers twist –
Could that be ‘cause he’s somewhat p****d?

In view of your illustration this week, G-Man, I hope you'll forgive my flight of fancy, and not take it to heart? LOL.  If you've written a Flash Fiction, do let Mr Knowitall know.