5 Apr 2013


To see what this is all about, watch this video first


The twilight clouds reflect on rippled water
‘til, speckle-flecked across the sky’s pale dome,
birds’ ink spot bodies form a flowing river
of dense-packed, flickering shapes in monochrome.

Amoebic like they split and shift formation,
dancing to instinctive music scores
in lissome, ribbon lines of short duration,
each line more graceful than the one before…

The darkness of their fluid movement fades
in swirling skeins and nets of twisting forms;
with every limpid shape their skill’s displayed
in aerial ballets, sprightly performed.

And so this miracle of night's wild scheme
will live - a half-light's shadow of a waking dream.

And I've linked this to Poets United


  1. Boundless joy newborn! Them and fish- it is amazing! thanks.

  2. That was a wonderful video, Jinksy! Wow, it would be 'heaven' to really see something like that. I see geese flying over in formation, but they pale by comparison. Your description of them being amoebic like is so apt. And oh the way they twist and turn!

  3. Swirling.... limpid... boundless... you use evocative descriptors, giving your readers a vivid mental scene. Nicely done!

  4. Beautifully written....loved this

  5. oh isn't it just amazing to see a murmuration? Lovely words to describe this wonder of nature!

  6. While walking in our waking dreams

  7. What a stunny video of those birds flying like flowing river, amoebic formation ~ So thrilling to see again and again ~ Thanks ~

  8. Lovely sonnet. You have captured the form and classical voice of the form perfectly.

  9. love this poem - the beauty of birds en masse like this is jaw dropping. There is a unity in the whole which is both inspiring and marvelous. Your poem captures this beautifully. Thank you.