27 Jan 2013

In The Groove

An excerpt variation on "Charlotte Gainsbourg, AnOther"
Round and round the records spin
to fill the room with sound
and vinyl voices take the air
as pop song verses pound.

The needle tiptoes in its groove,
a dancer all on point
a-balancing upon one leg
with an electronic joint

connected to the magic box;
a "Dansette" it was called
and in those early plastic days
it kept the youth enthralled.

Before the days of DVDs
or CD's silver faces,
black record-ridges were the norm,
no need for airs or graces!

Written for Tess at The Mag

20 Jan 2013


His right hand outstretched,
rigid, palm up, unbending,
offering its strength.

Her left hand, pliant,
curves to accommodate it;
vulnerable trust.

Partnership begins;
how long such a link will last
is never certain.

Written for The Mag, with thanks to Tess and the unknown photographer.

13 Jan 2013

Knit Wit?

Feet are neat -
though maybe not sweet?
But a body sock leaves
toes exposed. Please,
enthusiastic knitter,
don't be a quitter.
Clack you needles again
and make some socks, plain
or patterned will do!
I ask you,
how else will I keep
the warmth in my feet?

Thanks to Tess at The Mag for the intriguing example of one knitter's wit! LOL :)

I noticed another couple of interesting excerpts too...so here they are.

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