23 Apr 2013

# 23

I spotted a prompt at We Write Poems, thanks to a link in Viv In France's blog, and as they were asking for something silly - well - 'nuff said...

 A Kind Of Iffy Poem

If I were silver, and so was my tree,
I'd be a bell bird - also silver you see...
My sonorous notes would daintily ring
as tumbling carillons I'd choose to sing
to welcome each new day and say 'Hello, Sun'
then I'd croon him a lullaby when day was done.

With a ting and a ling, or a ding and a dong
my bell chords would echo and sound all day long,
'til the people who lived in the house on the hill
would shout out, quite rudely 'Please shut your bill!
From inside, our ears are now ringing as well -
can't you be quiet and give us a spell
of silence, all golden? We humbly request
that you tuck your head under your wing for a rest.'

And now what do I find, but an IGWRT's prompt for a poem to celebrate The Bard! So I've done an additional write this afternoon, just for him - and them! Sorry, Will!


In memory of Shakespeare, here are lines
the like of which his quill pen never wrote.
For now, a fearsome black and plastic board
provides a bard with characters to press
with tender fingertips, no more nor less.
And so come words intended to impress
a modern audience -  a  Blogland crowd,
reliant on technology, and such things
as monitors, plus much beyond the ken
of simple womenfolk , as many men may
state in chauvinistic mode! However,
be that as it may, this tribute in the month
when William breathed his first or last
poetic gasp, I humbly  lay before you.
I implore you to look kindly on my work –
written while more serious employment
I do shirk, forsooth. Impetuous youth!
I jest, of course, for me, a second childhood
is closer to the part of life I live today!


  1. Well, if the people on the hill have grown weary of the sound then the bell bird can come visit my yard anytime. He/she is surely as charming as this poem.
    (Many thanks for your great idea on how to crop two words from my poem.)

  2. I too would love to hear your tune. I enjoyed this!

  3. (On the second poem) A wonderful Shakespearean Preface for a different time, technology, stage, and audience. Well played! Thank you for using such sharp wit in answering the challenge!

  4. A great pastiche of Shakespeare. Seems his birth and death dates were both April 23rd. And the first one is lovely. It somehow calls to mind a schoolboy saying "Hallo trees, hallo sky!" Now who could that be, I ask myself? Also . . admire your persistence and application getting smoothly to #23.

  5. I enjoyed the offering for Will, he is such a sharp and romantic bard ~

  6. One wonders what Shakespeare might have written had he lived in the present age.

  7. I loved the Iffy Poem, but got a loud shhhhh for daring to laugh during a dreaded soap!!

    Never a lover of Billy the Shake, so skipped that, hope you dont mind.

  8. Enjoyed this, Jinksy. There are some PEOPLE I wish would tuck their head under their wing...Smiles.

  9. haha..smiling at your first one... when my daughter went to bolivia she said the birds there are much louder than our german birds...i bet it's their south american temperament...smiles... i bet that will would love your sonnets...smiles

  10. You are on a roll today, prompting away like you own the place...lol. Loved the lightheartedness look at the self of the first one, and really forsooth? I would never have seen again the day that such words were wielded at will great job on both!!!!

    1. Thinks - are you sure you don't mean 'I would that I had never seen the day such words were wielded' ? I wouldn't blame you! Hahaha!

  11. I love the images of silver you bring in your first, Jinsky!!

  12. smiles...i rather like the birds in the morning as i drink my coffee...so i wont ask them to silence their bells...but i agree there are those i would not mind tucking under their own wings...

  13. Jinksy, I think you and I should team up. We could do Shakespearean Nonsense offstage (or backstage) in London, or Stratford-Upon-Avon, or in London, Ontario, or Stratford, Ontario, too.
    Let's do.

  14. 'Forsooth' and 'Iffy' ... Pen at her best!

  15. Jinksy,

    I enjoyed this well done..what song would you sing?

    With a ting and a ling, or a ding and a dong
    my bell chords would echo and sound all day long,

  16. welcome each new day and say 'Hello, Sun'
    then I'd croon him a lullaby when day was done.

    That is so precious.

    And the second is a fine tribute to the Bard... and would he be a writer today?

  17. Love it! There are some I wish would cease their metal winged singing and others I say sing on.

  18. Love the onomatopoeia in the first poem. It's always fun! Nice tribute to Shakespeare. Things certainly have changed.

  19. We have these two birds that croon extremely loudly every spring. They've started up again this year, and they are louder than any rooster I've ever heard. Plus they go on for hours. From now on, I'll think of your poem and smile when I hear them, especially the ending..."Please shut up your bill!" haha

  20. 1) when William breathed his first or last
    poetic gasp,
    2) I jest, of course, for me, a second childhood

    Lots of humor to match the Bard's wit. With ref to his birth and demise dates and also with ref in jest to his 'sans everything, all the world's a stage' offering! Brilliant, Jinsky!


  21. A little too close to reality perhaps? Very fun read.