31 Mar 2013

One Tail, Not Nine...

Detail from a painting by Jacek Yerka

A cat in the kitchen? Oh!
You see,
to me
that spells germs.
I squirm
at the thought of its feet
on my work top.
Stop -
go no further cat!
Back to the mat
for you.

Written for Tess at The Mag, with thanks. :)

29 Mar 2013

Necessity- Mother of Invention!

Today I made a daffodil
with crochet hook and wool ;
real ones never grew this year,
for winter days were full
of snowy cold and raincloud skies –
while weather played the fool.

Nature's tempting failed; in vain
she pleaded “ Spring, please come!”

(She’s hiding in some distant land
and reining in the Sun!)

55 words for MrKnowitall written last evening in expectation of Friday!

27 Mar 2013

Green Nightmare

The Green is creeping closer to my door.
Overnight,  the tendrils have lengthened
and their leaf tips grasp and wind tighter
round my dwelling. Escape is now impossible.
Even if I could break outside,
the blades of spear tipped grasses
would cut my feet to shreds at the first step…

50 words written for IGWRT's challenge today

24 Mar 2013

Behind The Headlines

Within us all lie shadow beings, waiting
to make their presence felt; to bend the truth
until our conscious mind is set in turmoil
by unaccustomed promptings of temptation.
We feel the warmth of all their whispered goads
which hold us, teetering on the brink of wisdom,
and ready to misread a situation;
to falter in our stride and lose the way...

It's then we have to choose to take control,
to push our finer instincts to the fore
by ignoring what might be the easy option,
and strive, however hard, to do what's right,
with no regret, no thought of recompense
except a well earned sense of justice done.

Thanks to Tess and a surreal picture by René Magritte, this is my adapted offering for The Mag 161 and linked to Toads Open Link Monday, on Tuesday! LOL

17 Mar 2013


Faun, Horse and Bird 1936 by Picasso
A faun with horns went out one day
a-riding on his horse...
a huntin' shootin' fishin' faun
he looked to be... Of course,
we cannot tell what made that horse
to trample on a bird-
but thanks to P. Picasso
we can see what next occurred...
The faun leapt off, the horse said 'Neigh'
and bird wished he could fly away!

 Having given the good Doctor FTSE a preview email of this ditty, back came his speedy reply, which I am adding here for your delight. He said:-

Amazing what  a Pen can do
with P.Picasso's tripart zoo.

I guess the disconcerted horse
was filled at once with real remorse
for trampling on the feathered fowl
which straight away let out a howl
and cried to the dismounting faun.
"I wish I never had been hatched."

Hatched?  Hatched?  Oh well . .

Thanks a bundle, Doc! Hehehe!

Thanks to Tess at The Mag for her Picasso prompt!

10 Mar 2013


Ocean stares unblinking from beneath green eyelids, watching, watching... standing guard above Neptune’s Kingdom, where mermen and mermaids live in their bubble-filled, coral palaces among sea groves of waving kelp fronds.

Is he searching for a Mortal who would be able to dry his unshed tears, those he may one day cry for all humanity?

Tess gave us a fascinating picture by Robin Gosnall for this week's Mag, and I couldn't resist playing! And as luck would have it, there are 55 words for G-man, come Friday!

3 Mar 2013


For today's Mag, Tess has given us a photo by TheFoxAndTheRaven, which I have interpreted in my own way, with thanks to the original artists.