29 Apr 2013

# 29

Before The Future

Poets were called to arms;
NaPoRiMo beckoned them on April Fool's Day.
Tomorrow pens will run dry.

An exceedingly apt prompt over on Haiku Heights was too good to pass by this morning! We've nearly made it, folks!


  1. Yes we're nearly there, Jinksy. hope you're not hinting us about what you're gonna do, lol. Don't know if pens will run dry though. Some of our poet friends keep it moving. Don't know where they find the strength or the muse! I'll prolly do what I did last year - Take a month off...I was 'poemed' out! This time, I'll be working on a project which requires me to be online still, so we'll see how it goes.

    Have a lovely time whatever you do, Jinksy:)

  2. Thank you! But, providing the sky doesn't fall on me overnight, I'll still be around after the 30th deadline. LOL

  3. Ha! Good luck! And congratulations! k.

  4. Hilarious! I can see all of those curled up fingers straightening....flexing....groaning.......

  5. Great endurance. Well done. I'll be looking out tomorrow.

  6. Love it...I feel my penciled marathon in my tired brain.