18 Apr 2013

# 18

Voyage - or Cinquains Float My Boat

poetry is
miserable sometimes
when new ideas refuse to come
on board.
Your boat
loses the wind
from its sails as doldrums
strike, and only the anchor stops you
on a new tack,
carried by a current,
with no control over the course
that's set
by the
hidden tideways
deep beneath your vessel.
It's time to whistle down the wind

IGWRT's  Toads are asking for ideas on encouragement today - so my tip is 'Whistle down the wind and set sail for a brighter future!'
And here's one I wrote a while back for the kiddywinks... Seemed a good idea to pop it in here, too.

Face Front

Let's face it, life is funny.
On your face a nose that's runny
can be nasty, it is true.
and all that you can do
is blow it.

But if your face is sunny,
giving smiles that cost no money,
don't keep it to yourself
stuck indoors upon a shelf,
go show it.

Turn into happy bunny
and, like buzzy bees make honey,
life will suddenly be sweeter
for such a meet-and-greeter!
I know it.


  1. I am whistling.....tweet tweet

  2. What a fabulous write for the kiddos! My daughter is becoming interested in poetry, so I'm going to share this with her.

  3. Yes. Whistle down the wind.. Love that. And the second is so sweet. My son LOVED "like buzzy bees make honey"... It's gonna be that kind of day :)

  4. I never learned to whistle, wish I had. I'm feeling a bit helpless today. Beautiful sentiment in your poem.
    Love the kid-friendly poem too!

  5. What wonderfully upbeat poems!

  6. I love both of them!! I am having to whistle down the wind today...my own challenge is really challenging me.

  7. cinquain!! yippee!
    i relate to your description of the hidden tideways that can tumble you without warning. :)

  8. I was feeling every line of the first poem, and perked right up with the poem for the children. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Thanks!

  9. Whistle down the wind and see life as funny- sounds wise to me!

  10. Both samples of the Jinksy art of poetry fill me with joy.

  11. I enjoyed both of these poems,,,the first gives me a little shake to brighten up and the second is so sweet for the kids and for us too.

  12. Both are lovely, Jinksy. The first is filled with the navigation of life, and I enjoyed the ending about "whistling into the wind." The second had a touch of whimsy, some fun. A nice balance for the post! Amy

  13. All we need now, J, is FREE HUGGZ!! Yeah!

  14. Loved whisting dwn like a hunny bunny feeding on honey