19 Apr 2013

# 19

NaPoRiMo Dilemma

The weekend is coming,
there’s no mistaking that.
Can I pull another ditty
from my thinking cap?

Will Friday be the full stop
where inspiration fails?
If I can’t squeeze another drop,
I might go off the rails

by talking rot, or double dutch
or causing a to-do?
I will not like me very much
and nor, I’m sure will you!

I have my 'silly' head on 
and all it does is play
while all my funny words have gone-
ones like Calloo Callay -

and someone else invented those...
can I invent some more? Who knows!


  1. Ha...fun piece.
    I have inventing words...enjoy

  2. Keep at it, Penelope! You've past the half-way with flying colours. If you go down now it will be with all guns blazing.