25 Mar 2012

Celebrity Dreams

Tess chose for this week's Mag #110 an image by Duane Michals, and here is my interpretation of a detail from it, together with a shadorma - a poetry form which has six lines of  3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables.

A rock star
shines until burnout
the glitter
of footlights; skies cloud over
with disappointment.

 I thought I'd let you see the intermediate stage of the image from which I chose the detail I finally used...

23 Mar 2012

See The Connection?

The one between life and laughter, I mean - though cooking and recipes connect well, too! Poetry Jam is responsible for this mixture.

Cooking is a gentle art –
until one day it falls apart
and best laid plans of recipes
come unstuck, for all to see!
A cake that’s soggy in the middle
will maybe give the cook a giggle,
when he sees the state it’s in,
before he lobs it in the bin!

But one ingredient never mentioned,
even by the well intentioned,
is a special sense of humour.
It’s a fact, not just a rumour,
that laughing at the trials of life
will add a very special spice
to every dish,  both sweet and savoury
and it won’t add a single calorie!

A Happy 55

The saying goes
‘Laugh and grow fat’. 
This jolly fellow
has done just that.
But his belly won’t wobble,
his laugh won’t be heard
He’s a sound proofed  Buddha!
How absurd!
He’ll never utter a single word
for he's made of wood –
though he does look good
with his big grin –
wish I were him!

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11 Mar 2012

Save The Muffin Man

Four and twenty blackbirds
got baked inside a pie...
but I'm inside this muffin.
Can you hear me cry?
The steam is rising from the top
and I am nothing if not hot
and wondering just how I got
into the mix.
I'm in a fix.

Posted for The Mag 108

4 Mar 2012


For today's Mag 107, Tess used an image created by Sarolta Bán.  However,  I couldn't resist adding a Jinksy twist to better suit the two limericks I wrote...Apologies all round!

Here's the first:-
There was a young film buff from Towcester**
who fell for the girl on the poster.
"I'm her number one fan.
If I were leading man,
I'd choose her at once for my co-star!"
And here's the second:-
A photographer chap from Kildare
filmed a model who tended to stare,
and her face on his wall
made him feel oh, so small
as her silent eyes shouted "Beware!"
**For my American Blogpals, here's a guide link to pronunciation of this place name!