17 Apr 2013

# 17

Imagination comes in handy when the 'Spring' remains elusive - only a word we remember from last year, but which we begin to doubt will ever apply to this year!
So I've been sitting thinking wistfully of what might be on offer, in a perfect world...


Now flowers flaunt their gowns in bright array
to welcome in the harbingers of spring:
the swelling buds: the trees with new display
of leaves, which hide the small birds as they sing.
Who would not want to smile on such a day
when sunshine warms the heart of everything
on Earth? Like gossamer it wraps our world -
fine threads of happiness by Sun unfurled.


  1. That's charming. Wordsworth might well have a fit of envy!

  2. Well penned...I love it. It flows so beautifully and effortlessly!

  3. Beautiful. Spring has made some hesitant approaches here in England, and I look forward to seeing their flaunted gowns in gossamer rays.