19 Aug 2012


The artist featured by Tess on her Mag 131 had a name unusual enough to make me want to know more, and what I found HERE set me thinking - a fatal occupation for any Sunday afternoon!
But eventually, the thoughts condensed into this set of shadormas, a form which, for me, allows thoughts to crystallize before my very eyes.

From two paintings by Adolphe Valette
A figure
stands in the foreground -
but without
any means
of identifying him,
he's an enigma.

Self portrait
by the same artist,
and muted,
shows intense concentration,
but hides the real man.

two paintings capture
a story
still untold,
which our eyes will come to read
in their own fashion.

12 Aug 2012

Superimposed Story

   Part the First

Fluted shell
contains the true spark
of all life.

Safe haven
of encircling arm
guards its fate.

   Part the Second

In shadow,
the fledgling awaits
time to fly

Beat of wings
will echo heartbeats
of success.

A surreal image by Francesca Woodman, which Tess chose for he Mag 130 this week, set me on a similar path. My thanks go to both of them for the inspiration I found in this detail.
But I was also tempted by the following version of the original image...I may write something for it later in the week, who knows?

And now I have - here are a scant 55 words, worthy of G-man...

 Heavy matter drawn into the whirl of lavender light, we have to move into the vortex. Strapped to a Spaceboard designed to sustain life, there is no time to wonder ‘What Next?’ This mission to explore the outer limits of our universe is leading us further than we dared hope, but where will it end?

5 Aug 2012

Dinner At Eight ?

Detail from a painting by John Singer Sargent
A goblet
graces the table;
fresh flowers
add perfume
sweeter than the fragrant wine
which will fill its curves.

Waiting guests'
nostrils, each piqued by
from the food
soon to be set before them,
quiver and widen.

The key is
It will turn
this evening's
whole dining experience
into something grand.

It may be
stored in memory.
For lean times,
should they come,
will make this night of plenty
something to savour.

Written for Mag #129  and posted on Monday at IGWRT, too...