7 Apr 2013

# 7

Wrong Ticket?

I missed the boat.
The plethora of words I wrote
as I travelled life,
caused me no strife.
My early written thoughts
were not fraught 
with blood money of angst and history.
Those remained a mystery.

My days
went by in quiet ways
of family repeats -  Mum, Dad and Kids.
This usual recipe kept the lid
on any ambition to write full time.
Their well being drew the line
for me to toe.

And so -

and so; there you go.

Now, here I am. Me. Older,
at last, and bolder,
letting words rule the roost
to give retirement's boat a boost
of self esteem, perhaps,
before I lapse
into senility,
or before increasing fragility
forces me to drop the pen,
to stop surfing the keyboard, and then -

and then...

and then...

Who knows? The voyage continues...


  1. I have this great fear, world will drop out from under me and my voyage over with so much more life to live.

  2. It's an accomplished #7, Pen! Keep up the good work.

  3. You are going strong, and I see no reason why this should not continue for a long time to come!!! Consider making a book a year to preserve your words for others for the inevitable someday............that is what I am doing.

  4. Reflective, Jinksy, but you keep this up and you can forget about the senility part!! Even if we drop our pens, we must strive to keep our voices.

  5. There are lots of boats I think!

  6. don't drop the pen! take it with you on the journey!!

  7. ha, who knows what the next chapter is...we will when we get there....
    glad you found your pen regardless of the age...
    there are more important things at times....

  8. The voyage continues! Keep going and enjoy the journey!

  9. Yes, what a journey it is. Thank Goddess we are still penning those words.......

  10. Penny - you are obviously living the heck out of life and continue to learn, experiment and go boldly forward -- full expression ahead! You are still a contender Penny!

  11. I think you have caught the right boat and at just the right time! The hell with what lies ahead! Now is what matters!

    The River

  12. To everything there is a season. Enjoy this one! I certainly enjoy what you produce.

  13. I say forget the fear of time being laid short by living done. It's that living that gives you the experience to be wise. Sound that wisdom with your talent. Let your voice rise with urgency that we may hear you better now!

    1. I hope living had endowed me with a little wisdom - It's the goal I've been seeking all my days! I leave it to others to judge whether I've found any.*smiles*

  14. Excellent rhyming of "perhaps" with "lapse."