4 Apr 2013

A Poem A Day?

Maybe, maybe not...but here's one for now, anyway...
P.S.   And as it turned out, I have been doing at least'one a day' ever since! :) Only three days to left!   27/4/2013.  J.

by Jinksy

Think Positive

Above my head are tear-wrapped clouds of grey;
the sky is dull, and stops the sun from beaming.  
It's threatening to wash my house today...

Soon the window panes will all be streaming
with runnels of the saddest, watery hue,
while through the treetops winds will go a-keening...

With playful weather gods, what can one do?
We're grateful for them watering our flowers -
but they drench us humans at the same time, too...

with a cloudburst, not a gentle shower,
until we wish they’d leave with no delay
if rain’s been falling hour after hour…

At least we don't dissolve and wash away
down drains and gutters, on a rainy day!


  1. It's only day 4 .. I'm already thinking (like you) maybe, maybe not. I enjoyed this one!!! Rain is on its way to Oregon's high desert ~~ always a treat in Spring!!

  2. As it turned out, the rain didn't happen here after all - merely a few snowflakes - again. They melted, thank goodness.