31 Jul 2012

Confused? What, Me?

 After a frustrating morning when email problems caused hassles I would rather forget, I happened to see that Theme Thursday had the word 'Confusion' for this week, to set everybody thinking - me, included. But that was fatal, for as you will see, my thoughts were what became confused, and this was the result. Be thankful if yours never treat you in the same fashion... 

Bats in the belfry, perhaps... 

If down was up and up was down,
how would we all get around?
Would we tiptoe on our ears,
use our feet to change the gears
of daily living?

Hands would be like stabilizers,
soles would be the supervisors
over paths that lay ahead
of our upside-downside heads.
Luscious locks would sweep the floor,
but baldies crowns might cry "No more!
I cannot stand this rough terrain!
Put me right side up again!"

You see, my thoughts are in confusion
when lunacy makes an intrusion
to my any-which-way head.
I think I should have stayed in bed -
for horizontal gives the lie
to up or down.

Now, I must fly...


And to cause more of the same, Mrsupole's  linky list will not appear until later this week - but here I am now. How far will the confusion spread in the interim?
And  today, Friday, I've just re-discovered a poem I wrote two years ago on this same subject, so thought I'd add it here as a late edition extra.

Confused? Let me help you!

It doesn't take much to make confusion reign,
for my brain has a habit of leaping
much faster to an end result
than the brain of the one who is speaking.

Now, sometimes that's me- more often another-
as an answer does tend to evolve
in less than a twinkling, as often as not,
to any old question we're trying to solve.

Then I see by the mystified look on their face
that my pal's in the dark, not the dawn,
whilst I have already completed the race
and am standing about with a yawn

till they reach a conclusion that's similar to mine,
though I've already got there in half of the time!

30 Jul 2012

Time To Count 140

Here are one hundred and forty telling characters for Grandma's Goulash:-

Today, this picture made me ponder, people. I know the road to hell is paved with good intentions; I'd say the stairway to heaven is longer.

28 Jul 2012

A Grand Entrance

Mr Bond beside the Queen
in a copter?  What a scene!
British humour at its best
is always better than the rest,
never mind ‘who gets what’ gold,
when a story need be told
our G.B. is right in line
to tell a cracker, every time-
cinema, literature, theatre too-
We’re a very arty crew.

A 55 for G-Man - late, but worth it!

22 Jul 2012

In Philosophical Mood...

seeking direction,
falls to earth
from heaven.
Will mankind harness power
for the good of all?

Thanks to Tess and her Mag 127 image by Franz Kline. I've also shared this with The Poetry Pantry.

8 Jul 2012


Summer heat
swirls round field and hill;
contours burn.

holds an arid land
in stasis.

Words and picture inspired by Tess and Thomas Hart Benton at Mag 125

1 Jul 2012

The Diva

The heart of the Diva with the ruby earring
would sing
long after she had left
the stage. Her audience, feeling bereft,
demanded  an encore,
but "Less is more"
was her motto; though I must mention
how much their attention
had pleased her,
filled her
secret self with  joy.

A table at the Savoy
had been booked by the young man who'd sent
the present,
with a note inviting her to dine
after the show. "Divine!"
was the word which escaped her lips.
Nothing could eclipse
her delight  as she entered his carriage,
one thought in her mind - marriage!

This may be where you all begin to sing"Do not trust him, gently maiden!" But we will assume all is well, and simply say 'Thank you' to Tess and Odilion Redon at Mag 124, where you can see how others interpreted the prompt. 
Also posted to Poetry Pantry 105