26 Apr 2013

# 26

Slugs V. Daffs

When slick-faced, coal-pit slugs abound
using instinct's guile to nibble
and to help create the daffodils' demise,  
inhale with sadness fragrances
left scenting springtime air,
and store them in your memory,
a treasured, silent prayer.                    

Though yellow petals lose their fight,
with buds and blooms destroyed,
green leaves will feed the swelling bulbs,
their energies employed in conservation   
till next Spring, when flower blooms
will live again, a second generation...


  1. This happens in my garden, too! I endorse the sentiments of your well wrought poem.

  2. Daffs look so beautiful when they are in bloom. Ours are scattered across the garden, year after year they appear and light up an otherwise bland expanse of green.

    CJ x

  3. Great job =) Since I moved to Sweden I have seen a lot more slugs!

  4. Such faith! Fine poem and Pic!