12 Apr 2013

# 12

 In  Ballad Form

At the edge of the forest something stirred
and through the dark trees came
a figure cloaked and wrapped about
with a flash of lightening flames.

It muttered spells beneath its breath
and mists rose from the lake
where some poor maid had met her death
when bitten by a snake.

Rosamunda was her name
and beautiful was she,
but the poisoned bite had made her lame
and unable to flee

the cruel huntsman and his bow
who wanted his revenge
for vows she'd taken long ago
on the altar at Stonehenge.

She'd said that she would rather die
than ever be his bride,
so he let his angry arrows fly
to pierce her in her side...

The ancient crone, a witch, in truth
had spied the young girl bleed,
and taken by the fair maid's youth
swore to undo the deed.

" By fire and water, earth and air
you'll not meet your demise!
By all the powers good and fair,
I bid thee maid, arise!"

And slowly from her watery grave
Rosamunda stepped at last
rejoicing as she realised
her troubles all were past,

for the crone had sent the huntsman forth
with promise of reward
if he remained far from this land, OR
his head would meet death's sword!

Today's NaPoRiMo was inspired by IGWRT's challenge. With thanks to Chelsea and her Mum.


  1. Wow! I loved this one....great story!
    And the pic is fabulous!!

  2. It is the third eye which can take a creative person to the horizon in order to write her Ballad poem. Enjoyable.

    1. And aren't 'third eyes' all-seeing by their very nature? lol. 'I spy with my little eye'...

  3. By fire and water, earth and air

    I do feel all those elements in this piece of artwork. And you are quite a fantastic story teller.

  4. What a story teller! This rocks! Record it and let thy voice arise as if out of the image. Wow!

  5. I can see you as a traveling story-teller (back in the day before tv) and I would wager most poets we encounter here watch very little tv compared to the rest of the world... btw, I appreciate your critique of my "Contentment" poem and revised it. Thanks... it is much truer tothe painting now and hopefully better.

  6. I find the process of writing to abstract art fascinating. To think you saw something within the shapes and colours to give rise to a fine tale. This is a wonderful response, Jinksy.

  7. I enjoyed the tale, Jinksy ~ Your muse is a fine weaver of words, just from looking at this abstract painting ~

  8. This is truly an epic interpretation of Chelsea's art ... loved it!!

  9. A great poem with rich texture..truly enjoyed reading this one.

  10. Wow what a great story poem. And you did a form as well! I am impressed!

  11. loved the shades..went well with reciting the ballad aloud!!

  12. Ballads were my first love, and I love them still. This is a bravura performance, Jinksy!

  13. What a great story, dark and delicious. Love it!