29 Aug 2010

Poetry Bus At School 23 August

Chalk Ghosts 

Faded visions of the classroom linger.
A blackboard cowers, engrained with ancient dust,
remains of lessons that were never learned.
But a felt-pad wiper-block will rush to smear
chalk mistakes into oblivion, while floorboards
beneath the easel creak a protest at elusive
ghosts of teachers' calligraphic dances.
The battle-scarred desks, disfigured by generations
of rambunctious youth with tear-stained touch,
stand row on row, their lids poised for action.

Empty inkwell eyes challenge intruders -
"Only pencils allowed for budding authors!"

Paper scented, the air scribbles notes
to the nostrils," You will remember me."

This weeks bus driver is Karen of Keeping Secrets - Why not go and see other passengers who will be spilling the beans?

26 Aug 2010

Night Thoughts

REM Sleep

Dreams like dandelion seed heads
drift across the acres of my mind,
flutter in the soft exhalation of breath
that leaves my lips, parted in sleep.

Who knows where the air currents
will carry them, or on which canvas
the colours of my mind will paint
another random, rainbow landscape?

Magpie Tales 29

The Lamp

I hold steadfast vigil at this window,
clothed in red, ceramic solitude,
waiting to light your way through the night;  
my only purpose being to keep you safe
and guide you home once more, to hearth and heart.

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24 Aug 2010

The First Of Many - I Hope!

I decided I needed a place to call home for my poems to brave the world alone, with only the minimum of extraneous matter. To start the ball rolling, what better than this one, which appeared on a blog yesterday where I am one of a team. It is now destined to go it alone, as my introductory, trial run post. And we all know what a nightmare they can be, if we're not careful...


snooker balls
cluster tightly
in a triangle.
Like ripe, juicy cherries
sitting plump on green baize ground
they wait for the game to commence.
Cannoning cue ball brakes formation;
one red sphere rolls to meet its destiny.

And as a two for one, special opening offer, here is a rhymed, double etheree to make you start to think of doing one yourself.

The Answer Is No
rhyme’s calling,
begging my brain
to start work again
on yet another set
of rhyming couplets. So let
battle commence! Get brain in gear
choose words to make the enemy fear
the lash of tongue or mental cut and thrust
designed to conquer, though that be unjust
in what should be a friendly skirmish.
May each foray end as I wish
in compatible joining
of like with like, bringing
harmony to all.
forget the call
to arms. Smile!