26 May 2011

Two In Tandem #3

by Jinksy
Illusive Paradise    
                                                            by Elizabeth Crawford 5/20/11
Deserted island wrapped
in protective bubble
forever floating through
faraway sea. Exotic perfumes
drifting on air, gifts given
by blooms of delicate flair
yet to be seen or even created.

Ceaseless soft sigh of surrounding 
waves that lull all senses to sleep,
keeping danger at far reach.
Breathing embrace erasing
any trace of possible intrusion,
covered by fragile mist of clouds
like some fairytale illusion.

Infused with vague jealousy,
water shades creep toward
shore, longing to steal mountain 
shadows, but are repelled
by ring of magic spell intended
to keep this tranquil face, always
and ever, safest space. 

This is another collaborative post between Elizabeth and I. If you would like to play along in a similar fashion, please let either of us know. Her words for my pictures will appear here on Thursdays, and my words for her pictures will be on her Unraveling blog on Tuesdays for the foreseeable future, until we work out a better plan for including others in our experiment! 

25 May 2011

One Shot Wednesday # 47

by Paul Christopher
after night's darkness,
at sunrise
hope returns.
May it warm all souls on Earth,
and bless them with light.

One Shot Wednesday gave us 'Darkness' as their prompt this week., but I chose to focus on the light, with this Shadorma - a syllabic form. of 3/5/3/3/7/5.

23 May 2011

Magpie Tales # 67


The lady dreamed about her love
no appetite had she;
a meal, untouched upon her plate,
lay there for all to see.

Her reverie had brought to mind
an earlier, far off day
when Nicholas had brought a lute
and Father told him "Play!"

Sweet music touched her maiden-heart,
she fell beneath its spell,
but she'd been promised to a lord -
Nick was a ne'er do well.

"But father dear, I beg, I pray!
I do not love this man.
Lord Jasper's not the one I want!
Forgive me, if you can?"

Her Father, being wise and kind,
was minded to relent.
"If this be true, young  Nicholas
must prove his good intent."

"I'll give to him a bag of gold
and if, in one year hence,
his efforts have increased its worth,
I'll grant he must have sense

enough to work for what he wants,
and you and he shall marry."
"Oh, Father dear, I'll gladly wait.
But ask him not to tarry!"

For the full picture, you need to go to Magpie Tales! Thanks, Tess.

Winds Of Chance

With seed heads blown by winds of chance,
bold dandelions spring up fast.
Though each has little time to last,

their parachuting fairies prance
supremely free, one must agree.
Upset, we glower, all askance.

Until their season's span has passed,
curse seed heads blown by winds of chance!

Small seed heads blown by winds of chance
think on their future days, not past,
and taunt us while we look aghast,

at thriving, golden, parent plants
so tall and proud, no living shroud,
but full of life's own joyful dance.

Unbounded vigour will outlast
us; seed heads blown by winds of chance.

Go and see Luke Prater at One Stop Poetry's Form Monday, if you want to know what is going on here! 
N.B. I keep editing the original, for I started with the intention of ignoring meter, instead going for a syllabic count, but old habits die hard, and the rhythm is gradually winning with each new edit! I think this is a work in progress...

22 May 2011

Set In Stone?

Inside its block of stone, a latent being communicates with the sculptor, imprints its image and gives him no rest. It wills him to wield hammer and chisel to work towards its release. Driven by creative urges, the stonemason sets about rescuing embryonic beauty, like a surgeon performing a Caesarean section to save a life.

One Stop Poetry  has given us this picture prompt challenge, featuring the work of Walter Parada, and I've chosen to write 55 words for it.

19 May 2011

Thursday Think Tank # 49


Some things cannot be explained;
awareness creeps closer, on tiptoe,
while realization flows and flowers
from points beyond any conscious realm.

Elusive shapes pattern dream time paths
until route-march days, tramping along
unknown roads, lead to a destination
unplanned, but recognised on arrival
as the only possible, preordained end.

The Think Tank asked that we merely wrote down words that came to mind, no forward planning, simply let what happens, happen. These were my words... And then I added a picture.

Two In Tandem # 2

Illustration by jinksy

Tempered shades narrow
to point in all directions,
bursting boundaries. 

Haiku by Elizabeth Crawford 19/5/2011

This is another collaborative post between Elizabeth and I. If you would like to play along in a similar fashion, please let either of us know. Her words for my pictures will appear here on Thursdays, and my words for her pictures will be on her Unraveling blog on Tuesdays for the foreseeable future, until we work out a better plan for including others in our experiment! 
Like Susannah, who joined in here , better late than never!

9.30am And now Thursday is really underway, here's an additional bit of fun thanks to Theme Thursday who had the original version of this gossiping picture begging me to play! 

Negative Gossip?
She told me and I told her, but then we needed to defer telling others of our plan, for first we'd need to find a man. But gossip spreads and gossips run.  And now we wish we'd not begun!

Now you can gossip all you like - as long as you are spreading the word about Two In Tandem!

18 May 2011

Blushing Bride?

 Pale petals
 deepen at centre,
 a blushing
 marrying separateness,
 no longer single.

A shadorma written specially for One Shot Wednesday

17 May 2011

Where Went Monday?

It passed too quickly for me to find the prompt on One Stop Monday Form. So here is an Octain for Tuesday, instead - eight lines of eight syllables, with a rhyme scheme of A b b , a c/c a , b A  with an internal rhyme, c/c, in line five.


In all the days I spend with you,
each moment forms a memory
which betters any fantasy.

And in my dreaming, it comes true,                     
it lives again. Its rich refrain
accompanies the things I do,

with everlasting melody
of all the days I spend with you.

16 May 2011

Walk Into The Light?

No covers
can disguise the light
of wisdom
streaming from
between proud pages of books
which safeguard knowledge.

Thanks to Tess at Magpie Tales for this picture prompt, made for bookworms the world over. I heard it shout 'Shadorma!' to me...Perhaps I should explain, that's the syllabic poetic form which has six lines in 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllables.

15 May 2011

Sand, Sea And ... Solitude?

By Fee Easton

A water colour sky and impasto sand-ripples paint a waiting game. One marker buoy anchors a stranded boat to puddled remnants of an ebb tide. In no hurry to begin its next seafaring journey, the wooden craft soaks up sunshine, admires its reflection in each striated salt pool, and waits for its master, the sea...

By way of a change for me, a 55 word Flash Fiction offering for One Shoot Sunday. But now I've discovered that the sea theme carries on at Monday's Child, so I've decided to add it to this post, even though Monday is nearly over, and Sunday is long gone.

Illustration by: Carmen L. Browne - 1917
Sea Edge

In creeps the water,
tickling my toes,
swirling its whirlpools.
But nobody knows
where the sea comes from
or where it all goes.

Was it in China,
or distant Japan
that this pool of ocean's
blue ripples began?
How many more miles
will they have to span?

How far have they travelled
and how many waves
crashed onto shorelines
or hid inside caves
before they arrived here,
so buoyant and brave?



Thunder-flash moment
announces inspiration.
Artist springs to life.
Electrical spark outline
becomes psychedelic art.

This is my spoonful of sugar for the Poetry Jam, and an extra item to stock in the Poetry Pantry.

12 May 2011

Two In Tandem

by jinksy

Opera Diva      by Elizabeth Crawford

They say nothing ends
'til the fat lady sings.

Been singing 
for over sixty years.

Lots of endings, 
but each one signaled
yet another beginning.

Is that why she just 
keeps singing?    

This is another collaborative offering, as you can see. We are hoping eventually to create a place where poets and artists can work together, inspiring each other by their own creative endeavours, but we have yet to work out the finer details of 'How?' and "Where?' and '"When?" At present, each Tuesday will be Elizabeth's turn, and Thursday mine, for posting our Twosome Treats. 

N.B Due to Blogger problems, everything went haywire, and the original version of this post and comments disappeared. This is a Mark 2 re-run, but hopefully by next week, everything will be in working order for Elizabeth and I to start our Twosome properly! 

Now to redress the balance a little, I am adding an extra piece at the end of this post, written in  a mere 160 characters, in order to comply with Monkey Man's Sunday 160 prompt entitled 'Old Friends'. I thought it particularly apt in the circumstances...And I've linked it to Poetry Pantry as well, to make the most of it!

Old friends blossom into new friends. It's only a question of time. As with any seed planted, nurture friendship lovingly, then wait for it to grow to fruition.

9 May 2011

Seasons Of The Heart

Young love blooms,
and blossomed branch bears
of harvest.
Old love ripens and bears fruit
of a different kind.

Writer's Island has given us the word 'Seasons' as a prompt this week, but I've chosen to approach  the subject from a slightly different viewpoint...
And The Poetry Jam Bus has joined in a time related theme, by choosing the word 'Birthday'. 

time is a game. But
"Your Birthday?"
That's the name
of the special day each year
which can instil fear!

Now today, Tuesday, there is a birthday of sorts over here:-
http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/2011/05/09/tuesday-collab-1/  as well as another season to read about! I did mention a day or two back that Elizabeth Crawford and I were exploring the possibilities of collaboration between poet/artist bloggers, and this link will explain further. I do hope you will take the time to visit and share your thoughts about her newborn Tuesday Collab #1....

5 May 2011

Seeds Of Change

Something is germinating, today. After discovering the poems that Elizabeth Crawford had written for April's 'Poem a Day' at Writer's Island, I contacted her, and we've been trying to work out a way of collaborating. Her words and my pictures, or vice versa. So here is the first of her words written for my illustration. The basic idea could lead anywhere - this is merely the first step.

White barked tree trunk
waves aloft deep blue essence.
Lavender perfume spills
across spring landscape

I decided to post this on Napple Notes, and Alias Jinksy, to see which, if either, blog caught people's attention.  With the lavender colour spilling over in my mind this morning, I created this flight of fancy, too.

And for Poetry Pantry here's a late addition in the same colour range!

Lavender dreams
populate my world.
With angels?
With monsters?
Only imagination
can tell the difference.

3 May 2011

Blank Verse Graft?!

The miles between us span this planet Earth,
but in our minds appear the thoughts we share,
as if a shoot were grafted from one root.
In distant land, with different ways and climes,
you flourished. Our common ancestry, it seems,
has planted deep imagination's seeds
which flower now. The dormant days are past.
Our generations may cross-pollinate
until an orchard rises from our dreams.

Couldn't resist the play on words, after a serious attempt to  produce some blank verse for One Stop Poetry, which is hard graft of a different kind! So now I've linked it to One Shot Wednesday and The Poetry Pantry.


Come and see -
Look at this bee!
Overjoyed and
Very busy at
Every flower,
Red and pretty

Thanks to bkm for her Monday's Child picture-prompt by Mary Cecily Baker. and to The Poetry Pantry for providing another place to link with!

2 May 2011

Love Story

In their spirit world,
this madonna and child link.
Bonds of mother love
tell a never ending tale
known to women everywhere.

Thanks once again to Tess for another Magpie Tales prompt.