29 Nov 2010

Microfiction Monday # 59

Thanks to Stony River for today's picture prompt.

Don't give me that load of bull, son! 
Leopards don't change their spots - you two timed my daughter!

28 Nov 2010

Bug's Poetry Bus

There are multiple destinations on offer this time, but I couldn't resist the one which gave me a chance to wax lyrical, so my ticket will be for her third choice of route, for a Bug's Eye View of the scenery!

A pallid sky provides a perfect backdrop
for silhouettes of leafless branches. Black
and finely etched, trees' spirits dance
in the shadows of imagination.
Their summer ballgowns have long disappeared
and naked now, their beauty stands unclothed
but no less vivid. They reveal their souls
in ghostly shapes whose underlying promise
of latent rebirth will have until the spring
to gather forces before burgeoning.

22 Nov 2010

Monday's Child # 22

By Marjorie Torrey 1945
Thanks for this week's photo prompt go to 
B K M  at Monday's Child.

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

The palace issued a Royal Decree
to Draco the dragon. "Come to tea!
Make sure you're here by half past three.

The Queen would like to shake your hand."
"Now, you behave, you understand?
came the advice from his old Gran.

"Show her that you have good manners,
no 'Um's" or "Er's" or mumbled stammers -
and don't set fire to her banners!"

Princess Pearl was not a-frighted,
said that Draco should be knighted
and Queen replied "I'd be delighted.

Arise Sir Draco Goldengreen -
by Royal Appointment to the Queen!"

20 Nov 2010

Microfiction Monday # 58

Thanks to Susan at Stony River for this fun photo prompt!

"To wear or not to wear school uniform?
The decision can put one on the horns of a dilemma."

And I've just thought of another MM...

"This is not how I expected my stag night to end."

18 Nov 2010

Magpie Tales # 41


The clock ticks.
We have to pick
our moments well
for who can tell
which may be our last?

When grains have passed
through their hour glass until
the very last is about to spill
onto the waiting heap,
then no last-ditch leap
will save us. Time will follow
its course until the last hollow
tock of the clock
will bring life to a stop.

Magpie Tales gave us this ticking time picture of a 'past its sell by date' clock face for this week, which inevitably lead to thoughts of the eleventh hour we will all have to face at some point! Let's hope next week's prompt will be a less decrepit picture, therefore slightly more upbeat in its automatic associations! Nil desperandum, folks!

15 Nov 2010

Microfiction Monday# 57

Pablo was prepared for all weathers; Heat = sunhat: Cold = poncho: Rain = waders.
Could that be why he also sported a Boy Scout's kerchief?

Do go and visit Stony River to see other's who joined this jamboree.

13 Nov 2010

Monday's Child #20

With bag and tail draped over wrist
and boa made of feathers,
Lady Rat would sally forth
in every kind of weather.

She always wore a fancy hat,
the times she came to call
on humble Mrs Churchmouse,
who was quiet, shy and small.

Together they would chat and laugh,
tell tales of hanky-panky,
but Lady Rat laughed till she cried
and needed a big hanky!

It's taken me for ever to get round to writing this Monday's Child  post! Better late than never?!

Poetry Bus for 15th November

A Tramp's Tale

When I chose to leave my home
and start out on life's road alone,
I knew I'd need some eating tools -
I was not a child of fools!
I had a knife, a dented spoon,
but I could tell that very soon
I'd seriously need a fork
to stab the lamb or beef or pork
bangers in my frying pan -
or juicy peaches from a can.
With worldly goods upon my back
I sauntered on by lonely track,
up rolling hills and grassy down,
until I reached a country town
full of shops and rushing people.
In a church with crumbling steeple
I stopped and said a little prayer.
and took a rest while I was there.
'Dear Lord, a fork is all I need...
I wonder if You're paying heed?'

Then came a voice inside my head;
these were the very words it said:-

'When you come to  a fork in the road, take it!'

Thanks go  to this week's Bus Driver, Karen at Keeping Secrets

11 Nov 2010

Magpie Tales # 40

 In Absentia

The spaces in my day
leave holes in the sky
where tears fall through.
Your thoughts are absent,
and build a fence too high
for me to see beyond.
I grieve for a lost time,
for I do not understand
where it has gone,
nor yet why, but its pearls
remain strung about me.

Thanks to Willow for this Magpie Tales picture prompt.

8 Nov 2010

Microfiction Monday # 56

Young feet walk the path;
life and lane stretch out ahead.
To where will they lead?

The final destinations
remain in the arms of Time.

My Tanka today is in response to this delightful photo prompt at Stony River.

5 Nov 2010

Magpie Tales # 39

Headless chickens we may be,
but never without laughter.
Like the chicken and the egg
one has to follows after...

A chicken rushing round and round 
in circulatory motion,
is just like us in certain states
when, minus head or notion,
we chase our tails to no effect.
For we are doomed to meet ourselves
back where we had started-
once the circle is complete...

But, do not be downhearted!
Shrug your shoulders, give a laugh,
(He who laughs last, laughs longest!)
and  remember this old saw -
The devil take the hindmost!
Now, kindly close the door...

N.B. A 'saw' in this context is a saying! 

For more fowl feathers see Willow's  Magpie Tales this week.