24 Feb 2013

Drawers is Drawers - or Pantaloons?

Poor Venus had no underwear
which might make people stand and stare
if 't'weren't for classic chiseled drapes,
so no one's mouth need fall agape.
But what did Dali do forsooth?
He was a most impetuous youth
who made her chest a 'chest of drawers'
with furry knobs ne'er seen before...

What if he'd chiseled pantaloons?
Would history have dubbed him goon,
or would the folks do naught but snicker
at the sight of Venus wearing knickers?

To see the origins of this flight of fancy, pop across to The Mag 157 to visit Tess and Mr Dali in person! But now, here's another version - take your pick!

17 Feb 2013

The Artist Jacek Yerka...

With an introduction in his own words here!

Today's Magpie sparked my curiosity, not my muse, and if you follow the link above you will maybe gain further insight into what kind of a mind produced the Wind of History which Tess featured today.

Perhaps later my muse might be stirred to action - perhaps not. Time will tell...

And after a couple of hours, either my brain or my muse has kicked in. The words that follow are entirely as a result of the 'feel' of  the painting "Wind of History", and nothing at all to do with the artist even though I looked at information about him! So, here's my offering, such as it is:-

The Malcontent

No ordinary dreamer have I been,
for kaleidoscopic thoughts drove me on
to follow my own paths. No formal gates
opened to lead me to a welcome light;
my tracks journeyed back and forth, back and forth.

So I travelled on, failed to rest content.
Now, like an abandoned car I must stop -
I have lost all power to move forward.
Clouds fog the horizon, but a beacon
shines through the mist, calling to me "Come, come!"

And finally, a rethink of the image, specially for SueAnn Lommler!

11 Feb 2013

Everything Sounds Better In French!

A Brit might live life "In the Pink"
and give a knowing little wink
at a boy and girl locked in a clinch
at a cafe table; but it's a cinch -
I guess that everybody knows -
in France, one lives "La Vie en rose!"

Thanks to Tess and Joseph Lorusso 
at The Mag 155

3 Feb 2013

Sci Fi Etheree

blue lips
loose a scream;
his exhaled breath
fogs the atmosphere,
precious drops of liquid
condensing on clear plastic
which separates this specimen
from  mankind, while aliens’ secrets
continue to elude all scientists…

Another flight of fancy for Tess with her prompt at The Mag