25 Apr 2011

Treasure Trove

Majestic Thoughts Of A Mercenary Kind.

this could
give pleasure...
All gold treasure
buried in the ground,
once it gets to be found,
belongs by right to the Queen.
Does She think this is rather mean?
"We must have coffers full of the stuff.
But being Queen is undoubtedly tough.
Guess We deserve an occasional perk,
also the chance to let Our face smirk.
All too soon We must pay the bill
as pretty young Kate and Will
both get wed and party."
"But nothing tarty!
Lah-di-dah day,
Ma'm, okay?"

A double etheree in rhyming couplets, of sorts, an offering for Day #25 at Writer's Island. I've linked this to Poetry Pot Luck, too - I believe in making the most of things!


  1. A fun poem. All swans in the UK also belong to the crown.

    They reckon Britain will make up to three times in tourism pounds what it costs for the wedding.

  2. we do 'deserve an occasional perk', but don't often get one.
    Fun piece!

  3. Wonderful poem in anticipation of the big wedding. Coverage will start at 3 a.m. here, and I am sure there will be people up and watching.

  4. Great piece! This form is on my list to try. You worked wonders with it. Rhyme and fun and a big fancy wedding to boot. :)

  5. Like this, starts out personal and ends up public. You had fun with this one,


  6. Jinksy, love what you did with the form and rhyming. The wedding is quite a big deal here in Mexico, also.


  7. I won't be setting my alarm to get up at 4:00 a.m. to watch the nuptials, but I'm sure they will show the highlights at a more reasonable time. :) This was a delightful etheree leading up to the big day.

  8. What a fun piece to recognize the day... looks rather simple in its form, tho, I imagine quite the trick to get the syllables correct.

  9. Clever etheree, apposite and up-to-date. I don't think Her Majesty gets to eat all the swans or keep all the treasure trove: most of it ends up in the British Museum, with a reward to the finder.

  10. This was really good...no way I could do something like this...way too challenging. Mark me down as very impressed! Vb

  11. lovely and "royal"...smiles

  12. I do believe her Majesty would chuckle at this. Well Done!