4 Apr 2011

Ocean Dreamland

I steer through seas by moonlight
from the top deck of my bed.
Across the Ocean Dreamland
the stars and moon both shed
their silver beams before me,
while the breezes cool my head.

I sometimes see a mermaid,
seaweed twined into her hair,
and tiny pearls for earrings...
I know it's rude to stare,
but she is Oh! -  so pretty -
it's like magic, I declare!

She sings of sandy seashells,
secret caves below the sea.
where scuttling crabs and starfish
play, and never think of me
as my vessel cuts the water
and makes the dolphins flee.

But when the moon is waning
and the sun is getting near,
my ship sails back to harbour,
drops its anchor, so that we're
ready for the next day's end,
my ship and I, right here!

Thanks to bkm at Monday's Child who used this 1900's  picture by Ethel Mars and Maud Hunt Squire for her prompt this week. I've also linked this to Poetry Pantry.


  1. I will gladly go for that ride -- again.

  2. Lovely. I want to go on that boat, I'll just get my anti-nausea pills....
    By the way, check out my rewrite of that dreadful verse of the other day at http://pensrandomjottings.blogspot.com/2011/04/one-stop-poetry-form-look-at-prosody.html

  3. Bless you for that kind comment.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful dream- very melodic poetry- love it!

  5. What a wonderful dreamland you take us to...dolphins and mermaids and harbours far away..a delight ..this was a fun prompt that everyone did such great writing with...thank you for sharing Jinksy...blessings...bkm

  6. I can quite easily see that in a children's treasury. It has a very classical feel to it.

  7. Wonderfully written, a pleasure to read :o)

  8. What fun! great, thanks!

  9. She sings of sandy seashelss'.....I bet it was a great song!

  10. A soothing interval, meditation upon rest. Nothing is more comforting than that moment we rest our aching body down, lights out, house buttoned up, no more to do---for today. perchance to dream --- sail away by the light of silver beams. A lovely poem, Pen.