6 Apr 2011

From Dark To Light

Illustration by stainedglass-artists.co.uk
When night creeps in my bedroom
and the moving shadows prance
across the wall and round my bed,
then I look at them askance
and tell them not to bother me
with their eerie, waving dance.

I'd rather watch the moonbeams
as they slant in silver swathes
and light up dreamland's ocean,
full of gentle rippling waves
that glint under the moonlight
in which the whole world bathes.

Into this magic world of light
which moon and stars keep forming,
come colourful, contented dreams
for company, till morning,
when cheery sunbeams tell me
that another day is dawning.

This has been written for One Shot  Poetry Wednesday over at One Stop Poetry- Where Poets, Writers & Artists Meet.
This is really a companion poem to the Ocean Dreamland one I wrote on Monday, and I've linked both to Poetry Pantry.


  1. nice particularly like the description in the second stanza...a lovely piture of night...i am rather fond of night...

  2. Sleep is one of my favorite things in the world. This lovely poem reminds me of the question: 'Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?'

  3. There really is something special about moonbeams. This was very well done. Vb

  4. Glorious - I love the night and the moonlight. Happiness = moonbeams!

  5. Gotta love those moonbeams. Nice One Shot.

  6. You are lucky indeed to dictate to your dreams, summoning only those that are colorful and contented.

  7. I like your slant rhyme scheme!