23 Apr 2011


stretches out,
clasping fingers
around aching foot,
pleading with tense muscles
to delve for more energy,
willing them to obey her wish,
that the dance may continue to flow
in an unbroken river of movement.

For Writer's Island  Day #23 I have chosen to write an etheree.  Beginning with one, the lines increase by one syllable each time, to reach a total of ten in the tenth line.

Late Edition Extra! Now it's afternoon, and more words needed to be written, so here's a Haiku for Saturday.

Image from redbubble.com
The day holds love-light,
residue of the morning.
A perfect pleasure.


  1. The dancer's flow may be interrupted, but your etheree flows nicely.

  2. Very smooth and descriptive, indeed; and fine artwork.

  3. Yet another form unknown to me...thanks! And, well done. Love the sketch, you can almost feel the pain by looking at it.

  4. Enjoyed that, and in purely coincidental fashion, my love of old films has just had me watch The Red Shoes, so most apt.

  5. Jinksy, your poem speaks to me, I was a ballet dancer from grade school through high school. I love the form, too. I see we were on the same wavelength:) Is that your artwork? I love it!


  6. I like "Tension" - the way it builds, and you made all the line breaks meaningful, which I find difficult in syllabic poems.

  7. I love learning these new forms. I think I've tried this without knowing it's name. :)I like the way yours glides write into the next line; much like a dancer.
    By the way, thank you so much for the info on how to put my link on here. I'm pretty excited about the new knowledge and have been using it. Here goes:
    Quit Doing What We Do

  8. Love the Etheree, the drawing, your words express so much more. Now that you have cleared up form and explanation, I feel satisfied. I created something else althogether. Want to suggest a name for it, lol. Thank you Jinksy,


  9. Very nice. I t reminds me of a RUSH song (from me, that's big compliment). I love the look of the Etheree too.