2 Apr 2011

Bushbaby - Or A Baby Bush?

Titus The Dog is in charge of the next Poetry Bus, and chose a list of animal subjects for us to write our tickets for Monday. One of them was 'Bushbaby' which shot the Jinksy mind into warp mode, hence a double helping of Lear Lunacy - the real kind, and my copycat variety.

It's a well known fact that a bird in the hand 
is always worth two in a bush.
But a Bush Baby? Man! That's a toughie you see- 
exactly how small need a Baby Bird be
to fit in a Bush that's a mere Baby Tree? 
The answer is unclear to me!

And as an extra, here are a few additional Animal Limericks, for fun.

A zebra with stripes on his back,
to face paint had not learned the knack,
he tried a disguise
but it was no surprise
when he popped his head into a sack.

A penguin who answered to 'Billy',
was laughed at for looking quite silly
when on tail, feet and hands
he wore bright, knitted bands
to save them from getting too chilly.

A camel was trying to jump,
but was blessed with a very large hump
which hampered his spring -
and (here's the sad thing)
he fell back to earth with a bump

Sidney Snake was afraid of the dark,
so we frightened him just for a lark.
We made such a din
that he jumped from his skin,
to rush naked around a car park.

A monkey who felt rather frail
thought  it time that he learned to abseil
but when faced with the ropes
he relinquished his hopes
and continued to swing by his tail.

Percy Pig loved to hide in a wallow
with more mud than a hippo could swallow,
for he knew he'd be free
from both you and from me,
for none but the bravest would follow.


  1. Good one Jinksy, ahhhhh.....better pick an animal soon while they are still there for the taking!

  2. This reminds me when Simon Cowell called that young guy a bush baby. Simon, that was so mean-spirited.

    But back to this post. I hope it's not a burning bush for that baby bird! :)


  3. Brilliant, great set of limericks there Jinksy, all excellently executed, especially liked the snake one

  4. Top Hole Jinksy, and a great Lear to start things off! I think it was Sidney Snake and the monkey that stole my heart though.

    Could definitely do with a few of these for the book! E-mail me if it's OK to use them, and the name you'd like them to appear under.

  5. Very taken with your penguin. Thanks

  6. Delightful, as usual. Your limericks are better than Lear's.

  7. All made me smile...the naked snake made me laugh. :)

  8. Well done on the limericks as well Jinksy! Pure brilliance. Sorry just getting to them now, blame mother's day and dodgy internet signal!

  9. You were on a roll! A naked snake is a sight to behold.

  10. Haha, I'm glad someone else took a seat with me in the silly section of the bus. These were very amusingly wrought.

  11. When you're funny . . you're always really funny! Well wrote!

  12. Your Poetry Bus ticket is worth a million in the bush!!!

  13. And a million of the others . . .

  14. Love your wordplay with the Bushbaby and your limericks are all good fun. My favourite is the one about the camel.


  15. When it comes to limericks, you are definitely a virtuoso!

  16. excellent limericks!
    I can never do them. can never think up the rhyme and the rythm all at once.

  17. A very dear poet named Jinksy
    would alway put me in the pinksy
    her limericks - such fun!
    You can't read just one
    so click again on her blog linksy

  18. I loved them all, but as I'm partial to penguins it was my favorite.