13 Apr 2011

A Passing Thought On Things Past

The Dodo was an ugly bird.
I'm pretty sure you will have heard
that he is totally extinct,
no matter how much we may thinct
he shouldn't be.

According to the notes I found with this illustration, it shows an almost complete skeleton of a Dodo, put together from bones collected by Mr George Clark  which he found in a marshy pool in Mauritius. In front is seen a dried foot of a specimen which was brought alive to Europe at some time in the sixteen hundreds. Both foot and skeleton are in the National History Museum.

Apologies to One Shot Poetry Wednesday for this light hearted snippet on a dull day, which is day #13 at Writer's Island.


  1. We had a plastic dodo bird when I was a kid, he used to dip his beck in water, LOL.

  2. Thinct is a wonderful word, or should be!

  3. LOL I love made-up words. Very good!

  4. I thinct I love this succinct little poem, and the cute and clever invention of a new word too!

  5. Thanks for a bright moment in a grey day.

  6. Thinct is very Ogden Nash-ian...and that's a good thing, always! very nicely done! vb

  7. What's better than light-hearted?? Loved this!

    And yes, it's vastly amazing, Jinksy, what scientists can piece together. Some smart peeps out there, for sure!


  8. lolss..
    One of my friends used to call me that- Thanks to my brooding.. :D

    Hugs x