30 Apr 2011

Being Grumpy

In a phone call this morning, I was attempting to pass on some useful information, but the lady at the end of the line was not in the mood for listening.
So I wrote a Double Dactyl to get me beyond the experience - and polish off Day #30 at Writer's Island at the same time!

Sneakily skittering
moaning and wittering
never helped anyone
make life a joy.
Uncontrolled, spiraling,
Lacking humility's
bound to annoy!

By the way, there is a wonderful photograph By James Rainsford of somebody being grumpy over here, at


  1. "Wittering"--now there's a word not seen every day. A great one, too. Love that grumpy photo! Thanks for the Saturday smile.

  2. nice bit of word play jinksy, yes its hard enough for me to talk on the phone, much less witter...smiles. had to look that up....

  3. Oh, grumpy has its uses...some of the funniest stories come out of dealing with cranky irascable people. Even kittens and unicorns can become dull after a time. Give me a cat getting a bath any day!

  4. Great fun. Pleased I helped in the inspiration. Thanks for the link.
    Kind regards, James.

  5. Ah, reminds me of our Fri nite out with the lads.lol.Putting the World to rights.

  6. Sage advice. Moaning and grumbling never works.