3 Nov 2011

Eye Of The Beholder?

This Shadorma maybe shows how In Tandem pictures do strange things to my mind!
By Jinksy
Morning mist,
wet road hiss of tyres.
Polished car -
going far?
Motorway miles flashing by,
mesmerizing mind.

And here's another Shadorma for Thursday Think Tank, just to keep the form going...

At our feet,
By Ella
red-gold treasures fall
from tall trees
which shower
Autumn's bounty upon us;
an unsought splendour.


  1. A whirling mind,
    Eyes so blind,
    Coloured lights flash,
    Stop before I crash.

    A swirling fog,
    Cold water of a bog,
    Saved by white light beam,
    Fore it was only a dream.

  2. Imac, I do believe you've got the picture here! :)

  3. I love all the sound effects of this.

    I have finally written another poem (posted up today)x

  4. Lovely images and words.. mesmerizing minds and autumn's splendour ~

  5. Hi jinksy, a veritable feast of great poems here, really like all of them.

  6. I enjoy the alliteration in the first, and the grace of the second.