Thursday, November 3

Eye Of The Beholder?

This Shadorma maybe shows how In Tandem pictures do strange things to my mind!
By Jinksy
Morning mist,
wet road hiss of tyres.
Polished car -
going far?
Motorway miles flashing by,
mesmerizing mind.

And here's another Shadorma for Thursday Think Tank, just to keep the form going...

At our feet,
By Ella
red-gold treasures fall
from tall trees
which shower
Autumn's bounty upon us;
an unsought splendour.


  1. A whirling mind,
    Eyes so blind,
    Coloured lights flash,
    Stop before I crash.

    A swirling fog,
    Cold water of a bog,
    Saved by white light beam,
    Fore it was only a dream.

  2. Imac, I do believe you've got the picture here! :)

  3. I love all the sound effects of this.

    I have finally written another poem (posted up today)x

  4. Lovely images and words.. mesmerizing minds and autumn's splendour ~

  5. Hi jinksy, a veritable feast of great poems here, really like all of them.

  6. I enjoy the alliteration in the first, and the grace of the second.