25 Nov 2011

Look And Listen?

Fairies, fragile winged, fast-flying,
brilliantly outshine the lights
reflected by the sparkling dew-drops
left on blossoms overnight.

Pollen-laden stamens glisten,
surrounded by the glowing gems
of velvet flowers' scented mantles
swirling crenelated hems.

Gladly, bees collect this treasure,
toiling morning until night;
but fairies, far too busy playing,  
gambol to their heart’s delight.

If you listen, still and silent,
you may hear their tinkling tones,
see the showers of golden sun-motes
as fairies frolic while bees drone.

Chelsea Bednar's design, which I used for In Tandem, immediately made me think of this poem I wrote for my great niece, when she was much younger than she is now! Thanks, Chelsea!


  1. smiles...what a fanciful write jinkys and some beautiful imagery and flow as well...i bet she loved it

  2. I'm not sure that was a very good lesson for your young great niece, having the fairies "gambol[ing] to their heart’s delight." Where was this poem taking place anyway, Las Vegas? She could have been corrupted by--

    Oh. Gambol. Sorry.

    SIlly me.

  3. If you listen, still and silent,
    you may hear their tinkling tones

    very sweet

  4. HIJinks,

    I would love to post this if you had a link to Facebook....

    ever yours

  5. I like the images of fairies and flowers and bees.

    A delightful painting ~

  6. very descriptive, great imagery

  7. I wonder what fairies taste like...?

  8. Such lovely images have been created in my mind from your delightful words! Thank you!

  9. I do see what you mean about the two pictures having similar colors but with totally different looks.

    Nice poem for your great niece. I wonder if the fairies eat the honey that the bees work so hard to produce. I think I am more like a fairy and put off working like a bee until tomorrow. I need to change to be more like a bee. Maybe tomorrow.

    Thanks for joining us in this weeks Theme Thursday. Beautiful Tomorrow take on the theme. Hope to see you next Thursday again.

    God bless.

  10. beautiful ....those fairies sure are magical x

  11. Wonderful trip into the land of the fanciful!

  12. What a beautiful image and words to go with. Thank You!

  13. Wonderful image and words. I am sure that your niece treasures them!

  14. Now that's what I call a poem!