31 Oct 2011

A Penguin Odyssey

When you stand all day on ice and snow,
in a land where blustering blizzards blow
you find your extremities soon get numb -
your feet, your flippers, the tail on your bum.
One winter morning, I had an idea.
"I'll search and search both far and near
to find me a human whose dexterous hands
can knit a collection of stripey bands!"

With diligent searching I wandered for miles
till I finally reached the old British Isles -
and found a keen knitter. She pitied my plight.
"I promise I'll knit all day and all night
to create some sort of woollen mittens.
I'll make sure you'll no longer get frost-bitten."
The kind old soul was as good as her word.
" I hope you'll not feel too absurd
wearing wing-warmers, toe-toasties, tail wrap?"
"No! Look how my flippers are all of a flap!
That's my way of saying 'Thanks' Penny my dear.
They're the best things I've seen for many a year!"

Now I'm back home in the ice and snow,
I laugh at the wind. " Blow blizzard, blow!
For wing-warmers, toe-toasties and stripey tail wrap
have turned me into the happiest chap!"

This is my In Tandem #16 offering! Why don't you write one as well?


  1. I don't believe this is a true story. Produce this penguin, if you can!

  2. I thought Penguin was going to turn into a Puffin. Very jolly:-)

  3. Did he have a beak warmer too? ;-)
    (Just kidding, by the way.)

  4. Perhaps he could have had a muffler Lynnie - that might have covered his beak too!

  5. Very cute (and intelligent) penguin! He'd be right at home here today...

  6. What a great poem/story! I am glad he is warm now! Poor thing! I am sure he suffered so!

  7. You can definitely add this one to your children's book. Cute ;-)

  8. def a cute piece jinksy...thanks for the afternoon uplift...

  9. Bravo! I absolutely love this Penny.
    I suffer from Raynauds so i can commiserate with your poor penguin too. :O)

  10. Really gave me a smile! I will think of this when I visit Antarctica in January.