13 Nov 2011

What A Belter!

In my parent's flat where I lived before I got married, Orion was framed by my bedroom window. It was always special to me, since the time when a science teacher at the Northern Grammar School had us girls meet up on a dark night, so she could point out all the constellations.
She also made sure we could repair fuses, replace an iron’s heating element and change a tap washer.
Thanks for the memory go to Dr FTSE and Imaginary Garden, Here’s my first Orion! LOL.

Belt of Orion beyond
bedroom window, lead my dreams,
made three diamond points of light
a focus in the darkness,
as my imagination
re-invented the Hunter,
strongbow ready, primed to shoot.


  1. How lovely to see your fond memory turned to stellar poetry.

  2. Great memories and a great poem!

  3. Memories forever held in the heart.

  4. That's wonderful. I've always had a soft spot for Orion.

  5. A strong memory .. a wonderful rendering.

  6. Thank you, Jinksy for this Orion based 'Orion.'

  7. Truly beautiful! I have always been fascinated by the various constellations, well... By the whole night sky, to be honest! This was a really good read!

  8. nice little prayer like poem

  9. Very well done. I looked at the prompt and thought "too difficult", but you make it look easy!

  10. Very nicely done! I enjoyed reading your commentary. I too have an Orion memory. When I was ten years old and at summer camp for the very first time, my cabin was named "Orion." One of the most memorable times at camp was sleeping on the beach, under the stars, on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan!

  11. Fabulous that Orion was part of your childhood, Jinksy. What a surprise it must have been for you to have The Hunter appear as a writing prompt. I love your poem, and your science teacher sounds like a wonderful person.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  12. Love the photo, the story, and the verse. Hope you find some relief from that cold.


  13. Beautiful! And what a great teacher!!