17 Nov 2011

River Of Life

by Jacqui Binford-Bell
Sometimes life
asks for choice between
'yes' and 'no',
but it is
overridden by the flow
of willful currents.

Our free will
surrenders to them,
their rapids.
We are tossed
in a maelstrom of water
waiting for the calm.

But perhaps
we'll see the river
chose the route
we needed
to achieve the best result
for all, without help.

Thanks to Jacqui for allowing In Tandem to use her work.


  1. very true sometimes we just have to go with the current ....thank you x

  2. I love this. Have you ever read Illusions by Richard Bach? It sort of reminds me of the parable at the beginning where the small water creature that's clung to the rocks all its life decides one day to trust the river to take it where it needs to be.


  3. Great picture and almost a meditation upon it. Tremendous stuff!

  4. Interesting take on the conflict between the idea of free will and fate :-) Well done.

  5. Never a truer word my friend.
    Our lives are mapped out for us, and we cannot take a detour, as we are driven down a side road to meet our path to destiny.

  6. So much truth flows from your words Jinksy...this is perfect for the prompt!! :-)

  7. I do like the message...life has its twists and turns, and we can only hope we can ride thru it.

    Lovely thoughts and picture too ~

  8. I agree with the sentiments expressed here.
    Sometimes, life is good, yet at other times it can be bad. The best thing to do is just go with the flow...

  9. I like the sentiments, and also the way your verse structure suggests the vagaries of the river's flow. And the picture is a good companion piece.

  10. A new perspective on an old truth. Nicely woven poem.

  11. So true that currents can keep us moving but sometimes we need to adjust our course if we detect obstacles ahead, great read.