30 Jun 2011

Two In Tandem # 8

Dragon flies
through the night
leaving trail
of emerald light.

Do not mistake him
for Northern Lights-
he tells a story
of different sights.

Should he cause a breeze
with  his shadowed flight,
you need have no fear…
he’ll not alight …

He prefers jewels
that match his tail,
and we human beings
are far too pale!

Elizabeth Crawford has provided suitably draconian words for this week's Two in Tandem, and the Mister Linky List will give you a chance to copy the picture and post your own, if you feel inspired! 
  • Write your piece
  • Post it
  • Copy and paste the URL of your post, not blog, into the Linky Widget
  • leave a comment, then go and see what some other Blogpals have come up with! 
  • Have fun, people...


  1. Gorgeous colours in this picture Jinksy! And Elizabeth, your words made me smile. :-)

    I've joined in again. x

  2. Beautiful colours in you artwork Jinksy, and Elizabeth's words did paint a dragon flying by. Of course I came up with something really pragmatic again. No poem, but a little bit of information, inspired by your art ;-)

  3. I hope I didn't give my name to Mr Linky twice. If so, please remove one. People may think I'm a little full of myself ;-)

  4. I hope that's a Welsh Dragon you speak of, Elizabeth...

  5. Harrr, a fine painting, me Hearties!

  6. Enjoyed the poems - I am unable to participate this week - had a few moments to TRY last night and then all the electricity was "down" for 3-4 hours. Kids have friends visiting from Northern Michigan... water parks and lots of activities this week!!! Hope to join next week... these are fun.

  7. Really colourful and enjoyable graphic and super matching words:-)

  8. Sorry Jinksy, it's been one of those weeks. Still see the dragon clearly and Cad, I'm sorry, but the dragons tell me they are all of One, and only we humans have the need to label differences, lol. They said it, not I.


  9. This is absolutely inspiring... Will try to come up with something after I finish doing what I hate the very most - cleaning! *smile*

  10. This has been an incredibly trying week, many losses felt... I was truly transposed to a special place when I saw this artwork and read the wonderful words of Elizabeth... reminded me of peaceful gardens shared with loved ones...