23 Jun 2011

Two In Tandem # 7

graphic by jinksy

brush strokes,
unfolds moving
deeper into past
where dark red of former
passion captures eye, holding
attention for way too many 
moments, giving rise to old feelings
gone to sepia stain of forgetting.

Elizabeth Crawford 6/18/11

Today, here is a thoughtful poem in Etheree form , written by Elizabeth, to accompany my seventh Tandem graphic, while she has graphics on her Unraveling blog for which I've written the words.

Now here for the first time is a Linky List, so you can help yourself to my 'painting' to use on your own blog, if the muse strikes and you'd like to join in. 
  • Write your piece
  • Post it
  • Copy and paste the URL of your post, not blog, into the Linky Widget 
  • Then go and see what some other Blogpals have come up with!
Have fun, people... 


  1. so glad I came accross ur blog, love it!

  2. This looks fun. Wishing your venture every success, Penny.

  3. Thanks, Doc. If all else fails, it's given me a chance to play with Mr Linky. LOL

  4. It's a really cracking graphic. Congrats. I will try to put up a poem to match it tomorrow, probably late morning. Won't have any time to spare until then, I'm afraid.

  5. Not sure what to do now that I have pressed the button Jinksy. Time will tell whether I need another lesson!

  6. You'll need another lesson, Pat, but I can probably solve your problem first! I'll email in a little while...

  7. I love your idea with the art prompt! I created a little shadorma and look forward to reading what others have said ...congratulations!

  8. Wow! You are growing by leaps and bounds. I am really, really liking these collaborations. You want to tell me how to do the Mr. Linky?


  9. Oooh a linky! :-)

    I enjoyed both Elizabeths words and your image.

    My computer is almost back up to full speed so I will be back tomorrow to read what people have written and maybe have a go myself. ;-)

  10. Just a quick one before I go to bed. :-)

  11. Beautiful painting mixed in with Etheree! I've been captivated by shadorma lately, but etheree intrigues...

    All for GOD,

  12. Sorry Pen, I'm no good at non-rhyming poetry :-) Dave

  13. Done it! - You may be interested to hear that the poem was written yesterday on the Centre Court at Wimbledon - well, not exactly ON the court, I didn't actually qualify this year, but in one of the seats around it!

  14. Dave, that's blogland devotion, if ever I've met it! LOL Thank you so much. :)

    And all the other comments, for which I thank you lovely people, have duly been acknowledged with emails 'behind the scenes'...Just because there's no reply showing here doesn't mean I'm ignoring some Blogpals, and 'talking' to others!!

  15. 'gone to sepia stain of forgetting' - what a telling phrase and a superb final line.

  16. Hello.
    I'm in agreement with jabblog about the ending.

    You gals rock with your talents!

  17. Jinsky- I love the picture... thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Hi, Jinksy,

    I have no idea what an Etheree form is, nor any other poetic form, for that matter (well, except for Haiku; I'm OK with that...). But your colorful graphic brightened the day, and a poem in my unique mish-mash form came to mind, so I'm linking it. Hope I haven't broken the rules too badly!

    Thanks for the invite!


  19. Sorry for being so late - but poem up now!

  20. Your beautiful painting prompted "Effervescent Etheree (reverse)...just linked it.

  21. Ooh, another exciting adventure - thanks Jinksy!

    Anna :o]

  22. I prefer this painting to the one on your other blog, although that one is immensely cleverly made (I may have made up a few words here). But these colours are gorgeous. And the brush strokes... beautiful!

  23. Thanks for such a beautiful image:) poem's up:)

  24. I'm not a participant, just an admirer of your graphic.

    Gosh! I knew I hadn't visited her in a while (my sincere apologies), but I had no idea I would find over 60 -- sixty!-- posts that I need to read. You've been a busy bee!