16 Jun 2011

Two In Tandem # 6

graphic by jinksy

Crystal Cave
of childhood
sparks memory
of long ago sense
of wonder,
never to be found

Elizabeth Crawford

 Here is the latest collaboration - Elizabeth's words and my 'painting', which you are welcome to use on your blog if you you'd like to join in...but do leave us a link, so we can visit. Otherwise, if your  muse strikes, you can always give her free rein in a comment here!
At Unraveling each Tuesday,  the roles are reversed, for Elizabeth posts my poems inspired by her artwork. Do feel free to play along. Susannah, at Panopticulated has already decided to do so, and
I couldn't resist linking to Poets United Thursday Think Tank, as they have  a seaside theme today. Although I had no subject in my conscious mind when I  began painting, the end result did feel as though it encompassed land and water - i.e. some Neverland beach... 


  1. These colaborations are so wonderful. Both words and artwork are fabulous.

  2. Lovely work by both artists. You should read my blog post on Toy Memories & share yours!

  3. This wonderful image looks even better posted large like this (blogger automatically resizes mine to 400 pixels max size?)

    I love Elizabeths words too, especially 'the sense of wonder, safety never to be found again.'

    Thanks for letting me play along. :-)

    (I have actually added some notes to the bottom of my post this morning - before I dash off to the dentist!)

    Have a good day. x

  4. Just took a look at Susannah's response. It's wonderful. I am really enjoying these tandem efforts. Thanks so much for your inspiration, Jinksy,


  5. Thanks in return to the pair of you, Elizabeth and Susannah, for giving me an excuse for making the images in the first pace!

    And come on, SueAnn, 120 Socks and Reflections - what are you all waiting for?! lol :)

  6. Here is my first attempt at your picture prompt:

    The Rain Dance

  7. Jinksy, that is just beautiful!

  8. Margaret - you did it proud!

    And Mama Zen, perhaps if you find a spare moment (!) you may join in sometime? LOL.

  9. Hello Jinksy.
    Your hues of blue/white do indeed remind me of the crystal caves I see on the TV.

    Lovely words & artwork!

  10. It is a beautiful collaboration. And just read Margaret's post as well. I have to say, I'm mesmerized.

  11. Jinksy, I love the image, and Elizabeth your response is like a childhood fairytale. Perfect match.


  12. I love the blend of words n' painted swirls~
    What a wonderful idea! You both did a great job~
    Yes, crystal cave and one is never the same...