1 Jun 2011

On With The Dance!

made by Juliet Wilson
Whirling of petticoats,
flashing of eyes,
as couples gyrate.
See? Girls with their guys
flaunting bright cummerbunds-
colours galore
on softly draped neckerchiefs.
None can ignore
the traditional folk tunes
whose rhythmical beat
encourages dancers
to stamp their feet!

Thanks to Juliet for this creation,  for which I supplied words. It's on her blog today, as well as here, but as we'll have different people dropping by, I thought I'd go for the double! Now I'm going to link it to One Stop, as I believe in making the most from the least...


  1. dear jinksy,

    what a wonderful idea...and both your poem and juliet's colorful and unique dolls create a wonderful place to visit amongst all the gloom and doom in the world today...the many designs and textures, sampling of colors, make both your talents visually exciting as your description of an ethnic dance is filled with your love of life...the photo could be a painting, or photo, or perhaps a little of both and the intricacy of the designs on the dancers costumes add to your colorful poem...

    most importantly it has been a pure joy and a lot of fun visiting your blog and reading your poem. wonderful talents combined, even better...thank you for the link by the way...


  2. Wow this was unique
    As I came to take a peek
    Does the stamp get stuck to your feet
    Maybe with a lick and some heat
    Then you'd shake and twitch
    As it might itch..lol
    Like how it was nice and cheery
    And not all dark and dreary

  3. Great! thanks for posting-

  4. hi jinksy,

    thank you for noting the error with my name not opening up into the website, my fault as i made a typing error and entered my name incorrectly...if you go back to the list of poets, my name is on there a second time after the number 33...thank you always for visiting me as i so very much enjoy visiting your site and more importantly your wonderful poems and vivid photos...again, i must say your idea of combining your poetry with your friend's artistry is so very creative and special...


  5. So fun! Just makes one want to dance. :)

  6. nice...very cool blend of your verse and art...i like folk songs they usually have a great beat my feet just wont stop to...

  7. Beautiful - lets dance away the night.

  8. Well, coincidence again---I too wrote about a dance. Love your collaboration on the folk dancers!

  9. Yes, the poem and art went together wonderfully. Loved the tempo, energy and feel to your piece. Much talent.

  10. This is my first time to have happened on your site and I like what I see here. Dancing from other places is like learning about the people there. I will be back to look more at your site. Nicel done!