19 Jun 2011

Maffick Monday # 1

I've met some terrible dancers
in the far off days of my youth.
Some were handsome and sprightly,
but others were brash and uncouth.

My toes got the bruises to prove it,
and patience would wear a bit thin,
but I never gave up on researching
the best bloke to lead me in a spin.

Too tall, and my nose hit the buttons
on their blazer or jacket, you see...
too short and their nose was the problem
because of where it reached on me...

I'd feel their hot breath down my cleavage,
and if their feet then lost the beat,
my toes would recoil in mock horror,
and I'd beat a hasty retreat!

Alicia's new Maffick Monday blog chose 'a terrible dancer' theme for her first prompt. Although the picture came via Google Images, I do actually have three ancient medals of my own - two for Ballroom and one for Latin American - all from the same ISTD examiners, so personally, I can be excused from the 'terrible' label, I think !


  1. Love it Jinksy. A really fun prompt to start the week and the blog! It should be interesting to see the array of formats used. Thanks to you I found this as I was already following you. Cheers.


  2. I loved this! So funny and light. Too many cute lines to pick a favourite. Congrats on your dancing skills ;)

  3. Lovely Jinksy! Made me smile. I was tall at school (all girls) so I always had to dance 'the man' - not helpful when real life arrived and I couldn't cope with being led! :)

  4. This is terrific!! I remember those shorter boys very well!! Ha!!

  5. I was almost a foot taller than all the boys in 7th grade, when we had to learn to dance. It was enough to make me never want to dance again.

    What a fun tale!

  6. You gifted me with a belly laugh! Thank you!


  7. Wonderful Jinksy - I loved it! :-)

  8. Jinksy,

    I loved this very much.
    A real feel of 'Come Dancing', I think!!!

    Eileen :)

    Thank you for your very kind visits to my Blog.
    Much appreciated. Eileen

  9. Hello Jinksy.
    What a lovely Monday evening treat.
    Laughing...I bet you can give John Travolta a run for his money (no pun intended)!

  10. This brings back memories - not always welcome ones;-)

  11. Funny... brings back memories for me, too.

  12. We've all been through it. Even my partners suffered. Love your jaunty poem.