22 Jun 2011

Wednesday's Child Is Full Of Woe

What better place to flaunt this old saying, than on One Shot Poetry Wednesday?
Instead of being a lie-abed, I opted for starting the day by letting my sleep deprived mind do a little daydreaming, instead. Which may explain  this peculiar result...

No News Blues

Before a sign of sun signals
sensible souls to stir,
a four-in-the-morning moment 
dies a dull doldrums, slack tide death.

Will Wednesday
be a walk on the wild side
or a flash-in-the-pan panjandrum
of mid-week melancholy?

Too early to tell; toll the knell
and let who will be merry...


I hope to be back to normal in time for Two In Tandem tomorrow, when I shall endeavour to include a Linky List to tempt people to join in our Thursday frolics, the first of which you may find by clicking on the Tandem link above.


  1. Yes! You did walk on the wild side with this one!!
    I will be merry...you too!!

  2. I was left into wondering my mid week's melancholy, but may be too early to tell, God, how true and subtle. Be wild on your part, you rock!


  3. Great word-play- especially "flash-in-the-pan panjandrum" and "Too early to tell; toll the knell" Really enjoyed this :-)

  4. Great way to start the day! Excellent.

  5. ha. fun word play jinksy...love the rhyme and alliteration...have one hell of a day

  6. Love the use of melancholy and flash in the pan
    Hey maybe the flash be nice if someone needs a tan..lol

  7. ... and let who will be merry...

    :-) I very much like this!


  8. Love the wordplay you have used in this one... to work through the mid-week melancholy and go forth with witty ways.

  9. Hope your Wednesday turned out good :)

  10. Fabulous! Great time of the morning altogether!

  11. "Too early to tell; toll the knell
    and let who will be merry..."

    I LOVE THIS! It's almost Shakespearean.

    I hope the rest of your day is going as wonderfully wild.

  12. Wonderful sentiments and brilliant alliteration.

  13. Hello Jinksy.
    Who suffers from Wednesday melancholy when we've got you to cheer us up?

    Nice one!

  14. The ending is pure music. Intriguing title that fits the time element perfect. Great work.

  15. Yes it seems there is quite a brigade of early risers. I would much rather be early morning than late at night. My brain soon falls asleep.
    Love your poem Jinksy. Hugs xx

  16. I recognise those doldrums - they certainly gave rise to a perky piece for you. Well done:-)

  17. If a sleepless night can bring out such superb wordplay form you, I can only imagine what a lovely day would do! :)

    Hope you are having an awesome week, Jinksy :)

  18. Love the wordplay and the all around playfulness of this Jinksy. Wonderful fun and hope your day went accordingly. You certainly lightened it for quite a few,