4 Jul 2011

Hop To It!

Rabbits lollop round about
and nibble at the treats
I carry in my bucket.
The grass tickles my feet,
and I have to keep them very still
while I watch the bunnies eat,
so they won't get frightened
and dash away from me...
I like to have them visit
and and say '"Hello!" you see.

For Monday's Child #50 - illustration by Clara Burd, with thanks to bkm.


  1. A fabulous early treat... love those carrots you are sharing.

  2. Aw... this is from your 'Poems for Children' book? (I'm sure you can come up with a catchier title for the book ;-)) Cute!

  3. Very sweet! I like 'old-fashioned' illustrations.

  4. Oh lovely I can image this little one being so still as not to frighten the bunnies away...thank you..bkm