15 Jun 2011


graphic by jinksy

His dimples dented my heartstrings. Eighteen
to his twenty, we had plenty in common;
shared an uncommon view of the world...

and pig sties...

"Look, Pigloos!" he christened them,
eyes laughing. To his achitectural mind,
a toadstool ring turned into a town centre
from plans drawn up by a pixie council...

Like fools, we built fantasies.

But fate's hard hat could not prevent
demolition of our dreams. Too late
to alter direction, the next roundabout
forced us to take different lanes...

Half a life later, we met at a junction,
rode a dual carriageway, cruising...

until we crashed in a final pile up
when a danger sign said 'Road Closed'.

I've linked to One Shot Wednesday, even though I wrote this on Monday!


  1. Love the poem and the art work! Well matched!

  2. "But fate's hard hat could not prevent
    demolition of our dreams."
    Brilliant imagery. Love the whole poem and its sense of unfulfilled dreams. Great job! James.

  3. ha. nice verse jinksy, oh how we headlong throw ourselves beyond the signs...the pic is a visual delight...

  4. haha loved the Pigloos part
    Sometimes we don't put the horse before the cart
    Nice little diddy
    Very witty

  5. I like this a lot. He sounds like he was a charmer.

  6. Love the swirl of the pic, and the drive of straight headlong.

  7. Read this several times...it just completely intrigued me. Loved both image and theme. Vb

  8. sounds like the two of you had a great time...sad that sometimes life leads us different ways...but then..

  9. Fabulous poem. Love the sentiments and the imagery. :O)

  10. Intriguing. Half a life later is often a dangerous time,especially when we know well in advance that the road ahead is closed ---but take it anyway--- Excellent!

  11. Oooo...so many things to like about this. The artwork, the writing and of course the little English road language. We don't have dual carriageways or roundabouts here. Sweet!

  12. Whimsical and then so sad :( The graphics and the poem are wonderful. Glad I got to read it.

  13. OUCH!! But I must say.. I really loved this metaphor packed poem... really liked the way you brought in some of that architectural language too.. neatly done!

    Oh boyyyy... life sure has things planned for us... and some of those "things" are really really odd... :(

    Excellent work here, jinksy dear.. love the artwork too!! WOWWIEZ!

  14. Love the movement in the image, echoed in half a life later. Whimsical yes, but delightfully real and full of emotions, the round about kind.


  15. Wham! I guess somethings are meant to work out!