9 Jun 2011

Two In Tandem # 5

By Elizabeth

In deep purple cave of remembering
ideas, like dust motes, float and drift
seeking niche where they might cling,
bringing inspiration of creation
to ever changing blue/green shadows
eager to receive them.

By Susannah

Ideas...like seeds,
hang, expectant
in the charged air,
seeking receptive soil
into which to sink
their eager roots,
nothing in mind
but to become,
to actualise.

Primed and ready
pure potential

By Jinksy

A doorway
beckons us with light;
it welcomes,
offers possibility
of change to all who enter.

This week, two has become three, as Elizabeth  of Unraveling and Susannah of Panopticulated have both written their own words to my graphics - the first I've created with my new Bamboo Tablet & Pen. And to complete the trio, I've written a shadorma as my contribution.
If you feel inspired to join in, please help yourself to either picture. You can write your own words, either in the comments section here, or post them on your blog and leave a link so we may visit!


  1. Cool art and words, as usual!

  2. The top image looks particularily inspiring. Pity I am wrecked tired,but maybe tomorrow!

  3. Beautiful...all!! Words and images!!

  4. Yes,Ideas Are Both Fragile And Strong.

  5. Love the two reversed images, Jinksy. I am now playing with a new graphics program. Remember what you said about the learning curve. Double that,lol. Things are definitely blossoming here, and it's wonderful to see,


  6. How delightful to happen across a post with positive thoughts and pretty pictures. Congratulations,ladies...