26 May 2011

Two In Tandem #3

by Jinksy
Illusive Paradise    
                                                            by Elizabeth Crawford 5/20/11
Deserted island wrapped
in protective bubble
forever floating through
faraway sea. Exotic perfumes
drifting on air, gifts given
by blooms of delicate flair
yet to be seen or even created.

Ceaseless soft sigh of surrounding 
waves that lull all senses to sleep,
keeping danger at far reach.
Breathing embrace erasing
any trace of possible intrusion,
covered by fragile mist of clouds
like some fairytale illusion.

Infused with vague jealousy,
water shades creep toward
shore, longing to steal mountain 
shadows, but are repelled
by ring of magic spell intended
to keep this tranquil face, always
and ever, safest space. 

This is another collaborative post between Elizabeth and I. If you would like to play along in a similar fashion, please let either of us know. Her words for my pictures will appear here on Thursdays, and my words for her pictures will be on her Unraveling blog on Tuesdays for the foreseeable future, until we work out a better plan for including others in our experiment! 


  1. Unbridled imagination :))) Go girls :)

  2. Beautiful words and painting! Love the "water" effect on the painting.

  3. Another magic post my friend.

  4. Are there any spare magic spells hanging around? I could use one today...

  5. Lol, there is always magic hanging in the air. Always. Thanks Jinksy for posting this, like the way the delicacy of the image, is reflected by the words. Forgot how well they go together. We do good work,


  6. Pretty amazing, ladies. I am loving this!

  7. Inspired work, ladies. You do collaborate beautiful music together.

  8. You portrayed true calm. Lovely

  9. you have special talent,
    never failed to entertain or impress.
    keep it up.