23 May 2011

Magpie Tales # 67


The lady dreamed about her love
no appetite had she;
a meal, untouched upon her plate,
lay there for all to see.

Her reverie had brought to mind
an earlier, far off day
when Nicholas had brought a lute
and Father told him "Play!"

Sweet music touched her maiden-heart,
she fell beneath its spell,
but she'd been promised to a lord -
Nick was a ne'er do well.

"But father dear, I beg, I pray!
I do not love this man.
Lord Jasper's not the one I want!
Forgive me, if you can?"

Her Father, being wise and kind,
was minded to relent.
"If this be true, young  Nicholas
must prove his good intent."

"I'll give to him a bag of gold
and if, in one year hence,
his efforts have increased its worth,
I'll grant he must have sense

enough to work for what he wants,
and you and he shall marry."
"Oh, Father dear, I'll gladly wait.
But ask him not to tarry!"

For the full picture, you need to go to Magpie Tales! Thanks, Tess.


  1. . . and told in the "ballad" style of the time. Good idea to concentrate on one of the many elements in the picture.

  2. What a fine 'singled-out' tale!

  3. That lute is coming over, loud and clear, in this one, Jinksy.

  4. great music, with a touch of mother goose

  5. Yes, I agree this is a song lyric! Lovely rhyme and metre!

  6. Excellent! Wow, this is really wonderful Penny...

  7. You pulled off a happy ending.

  8. Open your mouth and wonderful words fall out.lol.

  9. You are a master of story telling and rhythmic flow...great job start to finish. you are a very skilled rhymer. Vb

  10. Great story - I think this is one of my faves from you :)

  11. Oh This is great! I love how you isolated the girl and her pensive glance.

  12. I like the jolly way the poem bounces along - it reminded me of all those tales I read as a child.

  13. But will he return? I hope her heart will not be broken.

  14. Leaping ahead...how did he do? Waiting, the damsel's fate, alas! This had an authentic feel!

  15. A rollicking, rolling rhythmical Magpie. Love how you cropped the photo and concentrated on the lovely lady.

  16. I wonder if they'll see Nicholas again? Nice Mag.

  17. A clever and well written tale. Really enjoyed reading this one!

  18. Another lovely tale, I'm so glad she went with the

    'ne'er do well.'

  19. Lovely tale for sure!!

  20. I took a peek at your poem on Monday but haven't yet seen any others. I've been tangled up in another project. I like the blue dress (clearly a blue girl) better than the painter's original black dress as shown in Wikipedia. Dissension in the club is palpable as you have discerned. Your take could be as close as any other of the umpteen reasons families and friends are at odds.Great Magpie!

  21. A lovely ballad with my morning tea. Good stuff!

  22. This is well organized, syncopated and nicely meaning all the way through. That girl is indeed worried, for sure. Good job.

  23. Loved it Jinksy .. the rhythmic ebb and flow of romance! Well done. Hope she gets her man.

  24. Nolw that the photo has been cropped, it is clear her platter is empty. Yhe yet to be dismembered chook is on the centre doiley and is therefore probably the second course.
    BUT all that does not diminish the exellent poem or its story!

  25. Now that's clearly a singularly awesome take on the prompt...
    Well narrated, Jinksy!

    I hope Nick succeeds... (sigh)...

  26. What a playful ballad, and a Medieval tale with a potentially happy ending (though I suspect with bag of gold under his arm, this is the last we'll see of Nick!)

  27. Wonderful. A lovely story and even a lute - how much better can a ballad get?! 8-)