12 May 2011

Two In Tandem

by jinksy

Opera Diva      by Elizabeth Crawford

They say nothing ends
'til the fat lady sings.

Been singing 
for over sixty years.

Lots of endings, 
but each one signaled
yet another beginning.

Is that why she just 
keeps singing?    

This is another collaborative offering, as you can see. We are hoping eventually to create a place where poets and artists can work together, inspiring each other by their own creative endeavours, but we have yet to work out the finer details of 'How?' and "Where?' and '"When?" At present, each Tuesday will be Elizabeth's turn, and Thursday mine, for posting our Twosome Treats. 

N.B Due to Blogger problems, everything went haywire, and the original version of this post and comments disappeared. This is a Mark 2 re-run, but hopefully by next week, everything will be in working order for Elizabeth and I to start our Twosome properly! 

Now to redress the balance a little, I am adding an extra piece at the end of this post, written in  a mere 160 characters, in order to comply with Monkey Man's Sunday 160 prompt entitled 'Old Friends'. I thought it particularly apt in the circumstances...And I've linked it to Poetry Pantry as well, to make the most of it!

Old friends blossom into new friends. It's only a question of time. As with any seed planted, nurture friendship lovingly, then wait for it to grow to fruition.


  1. if she could keep it down i am trying to sleep...smiles.


  2. Glad you are back up and running. Sorry you lost all those comments though. I do like the Diva. My daughter took a look at the image before I wrote the lines and said she didn't understand it. When I let her see the lines, she said, "OMG, I can see her!" Thanks Jinksy, this is going to be fun,


  3. Oh yes, I can definitely see her too! Great cooperation ;-)

  4. Blogger sure knows how it hit the right spot,lol.
    Wnderful words my friend.

  5. smiles. each end is a new beginning, so true...nice blend of art & word...

  6. Beautiful.. each ending gives way to a new beginning and keep singing.. :)

    Sunday Hugs xox

  7. I love this. That's definitely why she keeps on singing. That's what life is about.

  8. A well written and beautiful message to portray.
    I like your writing after reading a few of your pieces so I will follow

  9. Two great posts. I have reconnected with old friends recently and have come to realize new friendships as you state. Thanks for playing along with the Sunday 160.

  10. I've just found two comments that were lost!

    Brian said on 12 May 2011 at 14.02
    "If she could keep it down, I am trying to sleep...smiles"

    Gautami said on 12 May 2011 at 15.13
    "I like the song! Keep singing..."

  11. The wisdom in the poem is undeniable. The directness of the form, ideal.

  12. I love this Jinksy! Your ending is spot on.

  13. Here's to new beginnings! I love the spirit of both poems.

  14. Now this is superb!

    Anna :o]

  15. I love the images and the words!! Beautiful pairings for sure!!
    Congrats on your POTW

  16. I shall never hear that phrase again without remembering this poem.