3 May 2011

Blank Verse Graft?!

The miles between us span this planet Earth,
but in our minds appear the thoughts we share,
as if a shoot were grafted from one root.
In distant land, with different ways and climes,
you flourished. Our common ancestry, it seems,
has planted deep imagination's seeds
which flower now. The dormant days are past.
Our generations may cross-pollinate
until an orchard rises from our dreams.

Couldn't resist the play on words, after a serious attempt to  produce some blank verse for One Stop Poetry, which is hard graft of a different kind! So now I've linked it to One Shot Wednesday and The Poetry Pantry.


  1. yes - let the orchid rise from our dreams...beautiful take on the blank verse jinksy..

  2. Beautifully done... love the play on graft that you have utilized in this illusionary worded bouquet.

  3. Nice play with words. I love the image of an orchard arising from our dreams.

  4. Jinksy,
    A very nice way of coping with 'word drought' and when seeking inspiration and indeed, new growth!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  5. Great job! I was too muddle headed with a bad cold and sore throat to even attempt the blank verse! I love yours!

  6. we each add much as we grow together...

  7. a tough form - well done J.

  8. This is a wonderfully fresh image!

  9. Awrite Jinksy!
    I am floating still! A surreal poetic magic with so much beauty n life..

    Many Hugs xox

  10. Of course, I love your blank verse, beautifully said. An orchard from cross pollination of imagination's seeds - perfectly poetic.

  11. These lines come very close to my heart. True of saplings, true of people in this ever shrinking world. 'Until an orchard rises from our dreams' - tells a story of hope, harmony and togetherness.

  12. Love "the dormant days are past." Perfectly grafted!